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Bija Manifestation Meditation: The Seed of Life

Seed of Life

The Seed of Life’s sacred geometry is composed of seven overlapping circles. The number seven channels the powers of the universe and vibrates with the energies of spiritual awakening. Representing cycles and infinite possibilities, it holds a fertile energy which initiates new beginnings.

The Seed of Life ring holds the energy of creation, manifestation, and wholeness. Wearing the pattern reminds us to tap into the extraordinary creation energies that surround us and ignite our inherent manifesting powers.

Tune into your heart’s truest dreams and desires and welcome them to the surface.

Bija Mantra

Bija is the sanskirt word for seed. It represents the origin and cause of all things.

Made up of 7 seed syllabus, the bija mantra holds a highly powerful fertile + creative energy, much like the seed of life itself. Each mantra is also associated with a chakra, and a mudra (hand position). By reciting these mantras and holding the mudras, you can channel the seed energy of creation in order to manifest your hearts truest dreams + desires.



1. LAM

Root Chakra

Mudra: Thumb to pointer finger



2. VAM

Sacral Chakra

Mudra: Thumb to middle finger



3. RAM

Solar Plexus Chakra

Mudra: Thumb to ring finger



4. YAM

Heart Chakra

Mudra: Thumb to pinky finger



5. HAM

Throat Chakra

Mudra: Thumb to base of pinky finger



6. OM

Throat Chakra

Mudra: Hand open



7. OM (or silence)

Crown Chakra

Mudra: Hand open (or pause)


Jamie Diana Yoga Teacher

Jamie Diana is our in house ambassador & inspiration guru. She is a yoga teacher + writer who is dedicated to empowering women to live magically and experience their best lives through yoga, meditation, goddess work, moon manifesting, and natural wellness.

Channel the energy of the Taurus Supermoon

The energy brought on by the upcoming supermoon in Tarus packs a cosmic punch. I’ve written this post to help you to tap into this energy + go with the flow.

I am by any definition a moon junkie. I follow the moon cycles and use the power of different phases to create my most intentional life. People always ask me if I truly believe that the moon has any effect on our lives, and my answer is YES!

FullMoon_04jamie diana yoga teacher moon

The Full Moon

The full moon is the peak of the lunar cycle, it’s the time when the moon’s energy is at its most powerful + her gravitational pull on us is strongest. During the time of the full moon, the waves will begin to grow, not only in the ocean, but in our lives. By tapping into her energy, we can harness her power in order to “go with the flow” + create our best lives.

The Supermoon

This will be the closest the moon has been to earth in over 60 years. heightening the energy of the already extraordinary full moon. A supermoon is a phenomenon that occurs when the new or full moon is closest to earth on its orbit, amping up the power of our intentions. The moon will appear bigger and brighter in the night sky.


Here’s how to channel the energy of this supermoon:

Allow your intuition to guide you

All of the answers you seek can be found within.

The energy of the moon is highly feminine, encouraging you to tap into your inner wisdom. Know that you have the ability to move through this time with mindfulness. Channel the ebb and flow energy of the moon + the ocean in order to discover exactly what it is you need in this moment. Trust yourself.

Tune into your manifesting magic

It’s time to claim your rewards.

The peak of the lunar cycle, the full moon’s energy allows our heart’s truest dreams + desires to manifest. Recall the intentions that you’ve set and allow them to flourish. Know that you are abundantly provided for + indulge in what you want. The sign Taurus is all about allowing yourself to experience the extravagance of life. You deserve it all.

Stay grounded

Feel the power of who you are.

As we work with the themes of manifestation and indulgence, it is crucial to remember your stable foundation. You are safe and secure. Ask yourself, who would you be if you were not limited by your fears? Now is the time to become that person. This supermoon in Taurus will be a powerhouse to say the least. Channel the strength of the bull + find your authentic self.

My TD picks for this moon:

I’ve chosen these super mystical gems to work with for this full moon. Each of these pieces has specific characteristics that will assist in channeling la luna’s powerful energy.

Supermoon Full moon gemstones

The Supermoon Mala – Black Labradorite, Rose Quartz, Cherry Quartz , & Rudraksha Seeds.

The Grounded Mala – Zebra Jasper, Labradorite, Pyrite, Rainbow Swarovski, & Sandalwood.

The Rise Mala Ring – Moonstone & Sterling Silver Plated Brass.

The Fox Bracelet – Black labradorite, rock crystal & palmwood.

Jamie Diana Yoga Teacher

Jamie Diana is our in house ambassador & inspiration guru. She is a yoga teacher + writer who is dedicated to empowering women to live magically and experience their best lives through yoga, meditation, goddess work, moon manifesting, and natural wellness.

Supermoon and full moon in Taurus November 2016

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  1. Christen

    This is crazy! I have been dreaming for months that I can shift into fox form, like it’s just another aspect of myself. I also keep seeing foxes everywhere, even before Fall hit and stores went fox crazy. I had been planning for weeks now to get the mermaid spirit animal bracelet, I love mermaids and feel a deep connection to the ocean, but when I went to check out Fox was in the basket! I went with it and it will arrive tomorrow, the day of the Taurus super moon (I am also a Taurus). A day I will also be signing up to start college in pursuit of a dream I never thought I could go for as a single mom. Fox then shows up in this post. I’m not sure exactly what it means but I think I’ll be paying more attention to the things fox is said to teach from now on! Thank you!!

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Yoga Poses + Gemstones for Grounding

To be grounded means to be centred within yourself.

To be rooted deeply in the power of who you are.

To trust in a higher power.

To feel  balanced + stable.

To feel safe + secure.

Have you ever felt like you were swirling or spinning out of control? Like you’ve lost the essence of who you are, or like you need to reconnect? These are signs that you aren’t grounded. In order lead a well balanced life where we feel centred + at peace, it is crucial to stay grounded.

Connection to the earth is an important part of all grounding practices. The root chakra (Muladhara) is one of the best ways to ignite your connection with the earth. The root chakra is a centre of energy in the body which resides at the base of the spine. It rules feelings of safety + security, grounding + balance. The sanskirt word for root chakra, Muladhara breaks down into two parts: Mula = root, Adhara = support or base. There are many ways to connect with this chakra, keep reading to learn more!

Yoga is an amazing way to stay grounded, especially if practiced outdoors, close to the earth. Below are three of our favourite poses for grounding. These poses focus on the root chakra.


Grounding yoga poses that support the root chakra:

Malasana, Squat pose

A symmetrical pose, Squat keeps you close to the earth and inspires you to be centred + balanced.

As you inhale, visualize yourself drawing up earth energy,

As you exhale, visualize yourself sending roots into the earth.

Utkata Konasana, Goddess pose

Another symmetrical pose, Goddess pose gives you a strong foundation.

Feel the powerful energy of who you are.

Fierce + Strong.

Hug to your midline as you expand.

Natarajasana, Dancer pose

Any balancing posture is a great way to ignite your root chakra. Encouraging you to send down deep roots so that you may rise to great heights.

Find your centre.

Root to Rise.

Gemstones for grounding:

Carrying or wearing gemstones is simple yet effective way stay grounded. These sacred stones hold earth energies within them that can bring balance + security into every moment of your day. Tiny Devotions has just launched a new Grounding collection, each of the beautiful malas within this collection are said to assist the wearer in staying grounded. They are also deeply protected, supporting your root chakra and encouraging you to feel safe + secure.

Check them out here.


img_5023Jamie Diana is our in house ambassador & inspiration guru. She is a yoga teacher + writer who is dedicated to empowering women to live magically and experience their best lives through yoga, meditation, goddess work, moon manifesting, and natural wellness.


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Planting Seeds of Intention with the New Moon

Sunday’s new moon marks the start of the lunar cycle, the ideal time to cultivate new beginnings and create your best life.

For this new moon, we are planting seeds of intention so that they may bloom into an abundant future. Check out the step-by-step guide below on how to plant your seeds of intention and manifest your heart’s truest dreams + desires.

How to plant your seeds of intention:

 1. Be Present

Presence is one of the best gifts that we can give to ourselves, especially in times of new beginnings. In order to be present, you must release what’s no longer serving you. Letting go of the old will clear up space for what you hope to manifest. Turn your energy inward and focus on yourself; move into the here and now.

 2. Discover your intention

Take a moment to meditate and discover your heart’s truest dreams + desires. Pause in stillness with eyes closed and begin breathe deeply. Ask yourself: “What do I want?” + “How do I want to feel?” This will help you to establish a clear intention.

 3. Find clarity + “Plant” it

Once your heart reveals your intention to you, grab your favourite journal and write it down.

image1-3Writing down your intention will increase vision and clarity. It will also allow you to come back and revisit exactly what it is that you’ve set your heart on.

This is also like sending your intention out into the universe so that it may be manifested, or in this case, planting the seed of your intention so that it may bloom.

Questions to consider when journaling:

  • Are there any specific feelings tied to this intention?
  • Are there any goals or achievements you’re working towards with this intention?
  • What steps can you take to move yourself closer to this intention?
  • What will it mean to you to fulfill this intention?

 4. Keep your intention with you + Nourish it

Carrying your intention with you is a powerful way to fill it with heartfelt high vibes, allowing it to manifest + bloom.

I’m infusing my intention into my presence mala necklace. With with it’s silver-dipped Rudraksha seed, its the perfect spiritual forget-me-not,  serving as as symbolic reminder of the seeds that I’m planting … and I want you to have it too! 29/10/16 only, its free with all orders of $108+ 

Rudraksha Seeds are believed to guide spiritual journeys and are known for their protective + healing elements. They are said to increase abundance and prosperity and they hold the perfect high vibe energy to help your intentions come to life.


Jamie Diana is our in house ambassador & inspiration guru. She is a yoga teacher + writer who is dedicated to empowering women to live magically and experience their best lives through yoga, meditation, goddess work, moon manifesting, and natural wellness.

Your Spirit Animal is Calling you


A spirit animal is a teacher that is with you on your journey. It is an overseer that provides you with guidance and protection. Do you know what your spirit animal is? If you aren’t sure, then trust your intuition. If you are drawn to a specific animal, its likely for a sacred reason. The symbolism of the animal thats calling you will hold a meaningful message for you.

Discovering your spirit animal’s message

If you’re drawn to the giraffe, your message is:

Be honest with yourself. Set your sights on a clear intention and move towards it with grace.



If you find the flamingo beautiful, your message is:

It’s important to immerse yourself in what lights you up, but don’t forget to find balance.



If you feel a connection to the hummingbird, your message is:

It’s okay to slow down and take a rest. You will always be abundantly provided for.



If you find the fox alluring, your message is:

Set clear goals and be aware of whats happening around you.




The giraffe, flamingo, hummingbird, and fox are in the spotlight today as they are the new editions to our spirit animal collection. If you’re still searching for your guide, click here to view the entire collection.