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Gift Guide for your Woo Friends!

woo Friend Gift GUide

  1. Third Eye Ring
  2. Chakra Collection
  3. Limitless Bracelets and Charms
  4. Priestess Necklace
  5. Sri Yantra Ring
  6. Release + Renew Clearing Kit

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Gift Guide for our Mermaids!

Mermaid Gift Guide

Our top selling mermaid products as pictured from the top down

  1. The Mermaid Spirit Animal Bracelet
  2. Mermaid Limitless Mala with Labradorite Inner Magic Amplifier
  3. Mystic Mermaid Ring
  4. Mermaid Mala
  5. Mermaid Ring
  6. Holiday Edition Gypsea Mermaid Mala

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Harnessing the Vibrations of Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver

Are you feeling anxious one day and energized the other? It could be the change of seasons, work stressors or relationship struggles  affecting your mood, or it could be vibes from the jewelry you’re wearing.

We all know that everything in nature emits an energetic vibration. Natural healers and shamans have been prescribing crystals like quartz, ruby, turquoise and many others as a way to balance out challenging vibes for centuries. But did you know  gold, rose gold and silver all emit an energy that can also be harnessed for your spiritual, emotional and physical benefit?

Embracing The Gold Standard

TD-SriYantra_gold_IsolatedGold, “The Master Healer”, has been a symbol of wealth and power since humans began keeping a record of valuable items. Gold is also associated with purity, as in being ‘present and open’ to communication with the original source of all existence.  When gold is combined with gemstones, it increases the healing power of the stones exponentially.  Trying to manifest more wealth and abundance in your life? Wear gold while you’re meditating on those intentions… trust us! Here we love to wear gold to help open the crown chakra, exposing us to rare and previously untapped sources of wisdom.


Drop the Rose Colored Glasses, Slip on the Rose Gold

TD-Mala-108-RoseGold-limitless-Amplifier-FlatlayCharged with the warmth of the Sun’s energy, Rose Gold is often worn by healers and teachers, especially after a session of self-healing, to replenish diminished energies and help balance the chakras. Rose Gold’s healing properties can benefit the nervous system by improving it’s ability to communicate essential information, and enhancing the flow of information throughout the wearer’s body. It is a high level amplifier and has strong associations with Heart Chakra, so here we often pair it with rose quartz to really focus our intentions on self love and healing.

Trade in Silver Linings for Silver Rings

Silver reflects the phases of the mTD_108_Priestess_flatlayoon, making the wearer increasingly sensitive to psychic ripples. Those looking to tap into their dormant psychic abilities should really be wearing alllll the silver, especially women as it’s one of the more feminine metals. Physically silver is said to increase the production of hormones, as well as regulate the function of glands, which is so crucial to our health and well being.  Silver as strong associations with intuition, vision and clarity, so we love to intertwine it with clear quartz to strengthen our connection to those intentions



When choosing the adornment you wear, pause and really think about every aspect of it. Most of our readers are pretty familiar with the healing properties of gemstones and sacred materials, but have you ever stopped to think about the metals used? You might be surprised by how much they can influence your spiritual journey

What’s your favourite metal? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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My Moon, My Mala

You know that saying, “new year, new me” that pops up all over Instagram around NYE? Well, after the full moon on Sunday, December 3rd let’s change it to “full moon, new me!” 

I’ve always been drawn to the moon, and not only because I was obsessed with Sailor Moon as a child (and adult). The moon, to me, is such a peaceful and magical wonder. It has complexities, energies, and emotions emitting from it that the sun just doesn’t have (sorry sun, still love you too).

Each cycle of the moon has its own significance and energies. The full moon in particular is a time where we can let go of things inside us and release them back into the universe. This full moon on the third falls under the astrological sign Gemini, which can make us feel a little more distracted and scattered. Don’t let this discourage you though, Gemini always has two sides to the story. The best way to ground ourselves and focus our energies is to prepare for the new cycle. We can do this by owning our mala ritual.

Sunday night, when the moon is shining above you, step outside. Being outside for a mala ritual is key because it is connecting with not only the moon, but the earth below you. And, an added bonus, it’s the perfect time to truly test your new winter coat – because I know we all have those.

Before heading out into the moonlight, you’ll want to gather a few things:

  • Your favourite crystals and gemstones. Think of what you are releasing, your intentions and your ambitions. What other crystals and gemstones have ties with your energies?
  • A candle, placed in a safe and controlled jar or dish
  • Since the full moon is in Gemini, if you have any  Agate, bring them along to encourage forgiveness, strength, courage and protection

Once you’ve gathered your things, think of a sacred space to hold your ritual. It could be under your favourite tree, close to your home, or somewhere secret. As you walk there, hold your mala in your hand and focus on what you are releasing into the universe. I personally like to picture the tides rolling in at night, leaving us with a clear, fresh beach for the morning.

When you arrive at your space, set it up in a way that makes sense to you, but allow your mala to rest on the earth. Now, once you’re ready, hold your mala and recite your personal mantra. This sets your intentions, and breathes life into the energies and goals you have set for yourself for the following cycle. There’s no set amount of time you need to do this, go by how you feel. Once you feel you have set your intentions, rest your mala back on the earth. Now you can begin to reflect, release, recharge and reset. Let go of the things inside you that no longer have a purpose, or positive impact. Make space for new, positive changes. After this, complete your ritual by repeating your mantra one last time. On your walk home, continue to hold your mala and reflect on the intentions you have just set.

Place your mala in a windowsill under the full moon for the rest of the night. While your mala continues charging in the lunar energy, you can sleep peacefully and rise the next morning refreshed and ready to start the new cycle.

Good luck goddesses, enjoy the full moon and everything the new cycle has to offer.


Sarah Welch is a creative copywriter based in Toronto.
Check out her work at or lurk her insta here.

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All about the Chakras

I’m having a chakra moment right now  I’ve always been interested in the Chakras, but never dedicated the time to reallllly dig deep and learn about them… About 6 months ago that changed when I hit a low point in my life that I just COULD NOT bounce back from. I was overwhelmed, broke, exhausted, anxious and lost, I could feel my grip on everything slipping. I called one of my closest friends, a true Lightworker, and over lots of tea (and maybe a little wine) she helped me face the darkness in my life, and opened my eyes to how integral the chakras are to our health.   Continue reading