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Bold Devotion Program with Diana House

Are you ready to uplevel and make your Bold Devotion a reality? Tiny Devotions is committed to helping the women of our community create their most successful, intentional and abundant lives.

We’ve developed the Bold Devotion Program, providing you with 1 on 1 coaching, that will empower you to move forward, develop a clear strategy, and execute like a boss so you can create and grow a business with intention.

A Letter from our founder, Diana House


“When I started Tiny Devotions over 8 years ago I felt very alone in the world. I had disappointed my entire family by deciding not to pursue a career in law after finishing law school. People would literally tell me I was crazy for creating a mala bead company. Guys, you have to understand that at the time, malas were NOT a thing and there was no one creating mala beads or intentional accessories out there in the marketplace. Because no one else was doing it, people thought that there was NO WAY that this would work.

I had no mentors and didn’t know any other entrepreneurs at the time. I didn’t have the entrepreneurial support system that every #girlboss needs. I would go to family dinners and leave bawling – actually I would be crying at the table because everyone spent the whole meal trying to convince me to try to go back to law. I had to dig deep and find inspiration and believe in myself.

One of the things I did to encourage myself was wear these awesome spiked BCBG high heels. These shoes were like my armour – I would wear them anytime I went to an important business meeting and would channel my inner badass. So, when it came time to design our new #girlboss malas I knew I wanted them to capture the fearlessness and courage that I felt when wearing my (now well worn) spiked heels.

xx Diana


Why Diana? Here’s what a few of our fave #girlbosses are saying about working with her



“One of Diana’s gifts is providing insight to what you already know inside. It’s not that she figures things out for you, but she helps you realize what you’re already capable of. She’s so amazing at coming up with an action plan to help make your goals a reality”

Rita Catolino is a certified personal trainer, online coach, motivational speaker, fitness writer and cover model.










“I always love listening to Diana as an inspiration and for her infinite business wisdom I feel like I’ve cracked the acne code with all my extensive research and studies. I’m excited about launching my business because even though it’s uncertain and terrifying, I am jumping in head first. Whether I succeed of fail it will always be a success becauseI did it!”

Natasha is the founder of Derma Greens, and is a Certified Plant-Based Nutritionist + Certified Esthetician + Acne Therapist + Skin Transformation Program + Raw Natural Topical Solutions





If you’re feeling stuck… reliving the same story of self doubt and poor self esteem, you will be amazed by how much an outside and unbiased perspective can change the trajectory of your thoughts and subsequent actions. The Bold Devotion program is designed to help break you out of those negative patterns, and provide real insight into what should be the next phase of your growth.

If fear is holding you back, be it a fear of the unknown or a fear of failure, let Diana give you clear guidance, drawing from her 8+ years of successful entrepreneurship,  that can provide you with the clarity, action steps, and the framework you need to uplevel


What’s included in the Bold Devotion program? 



  • Two 30 minute coaching sessions with Diana
  • Your choice of our Girl Boss Mala or Ladypreneur Mala.

(Click here to learn more)

Here’s a little more insight into why we designed these spiked malas!

Our Girl Boss Mala features our favourite stone Rock Crystal, Hematite and Swarovski crystal night double spikes.


Below is our Ladypreneur mala, designed with sandalwood, Hematite, Black Onyx and jet black Swarovski double spike accents.


We can’t wait to connect with you! If you have any questions about the Bold Devotion Program you can click here, or email us at tribe@tinydevotions.com



The Holiday 2017 Guide to Gifting with Intention


It’s the time of year where party time tends to trump time spent on your mat! So…..  we came up with this holiday guide to help inspire your gift giving for the yoga lovers, wellness enthusiasts and meditators in your life. Here’s our favourite products to keep you and your loved ones focussed on your physical and spiritual health into the new year!

  1. Inner Fire

2G2A1838_2000xInner Fire creates beautiful, high quality, suuuuuper comfy lifestyle clothing that fosters connection and honours Mother Earth.  We basically live in these Flower of Life leggings and everyone we know has these on their Holiday wish list!



2. Tiny Devotions

We obviously looove our mala beads and Tiny Devotions  is the original creator of gemstone malas. They have stepped up their mala game this year with their Limitless Collection. The Limitless mala is the first interchangeable mala in the universe. We love that you can change up your intentions with your fave guru stones. There are hundreds of combos and Tiny Devotions is always adding new amplifiers to this growing collection.

3. ToeSox

We love that the ToeSox intention is to create products that enhance and support natural movement! We rock our Sox during Barre and pilates classes, so this is perfect gift for your ballerina bestie or fit mama who is all about working her core on those reformers we love to hate.



4. La Vie Boheme Yoga

Who doesn’t need (or want) a mat that’s both beautiful AND extra comfy.  La Vie Boheme Yoga has chosen every single piece of their collection to represent their love of beautiful prints, and colors as well as functionality and comfort for daily practice.  We are in hearts with the starry vibes of the Celestial Hot Towel Mat. One for a gift and one for me?




5. Christine Russell of 889 and doTERRA

Christine Russell, founder of 889 Yoga Studio and a doTERRA Wellness Advocate can’t say enough good things about the doTERRA  Balance essential oil, and we are right there with her!
This warm and woodsy blend is perfect for grounding, calm and an overall sense of well being. It’s ideal for the oil junkies in your life who’ve always got their diffuser on! We will be slipping these into a bunch of stockings this year.


6. Philosophie

Eating clean can be one of life’s biggest struggles (especially during the Holidays), but Philosophie by yoga superstar Sophie Jaffe  is providing us with food that makes life better!! Her Coconut Butters and Superfood Honeys make your avocado toast ooooh so much better. And don’t get us started on her Philosophie Powders …  your morning smoothie will never be the same! We are upping our dose of these healthy treats to balance out all those Holiday cookies. (Read: wine)Philosophie 3




BONUS: For the Stocking
It’s high time yoKrisCarr-Collageu gave yourself (or your bestie!) a healthy dose of self-love with Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Love Notes.

This 52-card deck features gorgeous illustrations by artist Lori Portka that serve as gentle yet powerful reminders to help you care for and appreciate yourself at the deepest level.



What Mindfulness Helps You Prevent

Losing Your Sense of Purpose

The more mindful you are, the more adept you will be at maintaining awareness of what’s most important to you. Keeping your attention and focus on the present moment helps prevent fear, doubt and worry from creeping into your psyche. Becoming consumed with periods of time that are not happening now (past + future) can be a destructive way of thinking because those thoughts are often worrisome, regretful or fearful in nature.

While It is instinctive and healthy to be inspired and motivated by the past or future, it’s helpful long-term to actively cultivate your capacity to redirect your attention to right now.

Living in each and every present moment encourages your connection with the fulfilling feeling of living a purposeful life. It allows you to tap into your full potential and all that you have to contribute, versus robbing your potential by having your attention elsewhere.

Depression (Including postpartum)

Similar in nature to losing your sense of purpose is experiencing depression. A quick route to depression is to constantly wish your life would have gone differently or that there’s no hope for the future.

Staying mindful will help you engineer habits that serve your overall positive self-feeling. Participating in activities (daily) that make you feel alive and empowered will serve as a motor away from depression and negative thoughts.

For instance, if you love running and you know it leaves you feeling good, then make it a point to run every day. The same idea could apply to anything that makes to feel alive; whether it’s painting, making time for family and friends or practicing photography.

Dysfunctional Relationships

Many dysfunctional relationships stem from an underlying sense of unfulfillment with one or both individuals involved. Going through traumatic events leads some individuals to “take out” their frustrations or trust issues on their significant other; when a more restorative route is to work on healing yourself before you look to someone else for that fulfillment.

If you have experienced a string of dysfunctional relationships in your life, it’s worth entertaining the idea that you need to invest more time looking inside for that fulfillment that you’re seeking, instead of searching for it outside of you.

Emotional Eating

There are a multitude of ways that people choose to mask pain, hurt or disappointment that they have experienced in their life. Some choose substances like drugs or alcohol, while others simply look to food. The problem is not eating in itself, rather it’s when eating is happening and the purpose is not to fuel the body properly.

Many emotional eating habits are brought on by a focus on negative thoughts. Staying present and mindful of the good in each second can prevent you from going down that path of thinking, which can alter or eliminate those destructive eating patterns.



Jesica Cockerham

Fitness Professional + Competitive Crossfitter + Blogger

Instagram: @jesrunonorganic
Facebook: @runonorganic
Twitter: @runonorganic

Living a Mindful Life in a Material World



The moon is full today, can you feel her power? We felt called to tap into la luna’s vibes of presence + release and use this energy to introduce our new guest written Blog 108 series.

Kate has prepared a series that features the importance of living a mindful life in a material world. Take a moment to breathe deeply and learn more about mindfulness. Enjoy! x



Hey guys! First off I just want to say how excited I am to be here on Blog 108. My name is Kate Horodyski, and I am a wellness and travel blogger based in Halifax.

Over the next few months, I’m going to be sharing an article series on how we can bring more mindfulness into our daily lives, whether we’re scrolling through Instagram, going on a first date, shopping, or anything in between.

I’ll be kicking off the series with a post about brining mindfulness into social media usage, but first I want to share why the topic of mindfulness is so important to me.

When I was 23 I discovered the worlds of wellness and spirituality, and I dedicated the next 5 years of my live to learning and practicing everything I could on the subject. This sounds really great, but what ended up happening is that I became almost addicted to self help, and I got lost in all of the spiritual “actions” like yoga, juicing, using crystals, etc.

After while, I started realizing that all of this “work” I was doing really wasn’t making me much happier, and I decided that I needed to let go of my obsession with self help and get back to basics.

As I began stripping everything away, one idea kept coming up for me: Mindfulness. The practice of being present and mindful in my daily life just felt so right and it brought me a sense of peace that no other practice ever had. In my old mindset, I thought living a happy spiritual life meant letting go of things like social media, alcohol, dairy, and TV. I wanted to have fun, but I’d also deemed so many things that I considered fun as bad or un-spiritual.

Diffuser-1-1Once I started practicing mindfulness, I saw that anything could be spiritual. I could be present in any moment whether I was at the mall or sitting in meditation. We live in a material world and I want to enjoy everything it has to offer. But I also want a depth to my life that goes beyond the physical world. For me, I’ve found that in mindfulness.



This is not a practice I have mastered, and I do not live my life in a constant state of mindfulness. It is however, something that has had a profound impact on me and helped me to find much more peace and depth in my life.

I am so passionate about merging mindfulness with our daily lives- bringing spirituality off of the mat and into everyday life. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject! Let’s continue the conversation in the comment section below. What mindfulness means to you and how do you incorporate it into your life? Share your tips on how you live a mindful life in our material world, or share areas in your life in which you’re struggling to find this balance.

Be sure to check back next month for a look at how we can bring mindfulness into our social media accounts.



Kate is a lifestyle and travel writer based in Halifax.  You can find her online at her site, My Spiritual Roadtrip, and on Instagram @myspiritualroadtrip