• Rainbow Moonstone is known as the stone of dreams + energy. Moonstone is said to encourage hope, as well as enhance feminine energies and intuition. Moonstone is the perfect stone for those looking to amplify their energy and enhance their spiritual growth. Swarovski crystals vibrate a pure energy. They are known to bring positivity, hope, […]

  • Be Free Stack

  • Freedom is having the courage to explore the aspects of oneself that they have perhaps denied in the past. Sometimes the demands of life (motherhood, university, business moves, a partner) cause one to suppress their passions by default. Self-denial is an often used method to cope when life starts to steer you instead of you […]

  •   You have a special radiance inside your soul that glows from within; nurture it. Take a step in the right direction and get clear on your devotion. Create a grand vision for what’s ahead. Illuminate your desires. Let your light shine. Purple is a the most powerful wavelength in the rainbow, and is often associated with […]

  • Moving, new career, new relationship, starting a family, personal tragedy, loss, illness… we go through so many transitions in life, and while lots of them are exciting and positive, they all have the potential to be challenging.  The Transition Mala is designed to be a talisman for you as you move through the phases of […]

  • Manifest Mala

  • Energy flows where intention goes. Dream big, and then double it. Close your eyes, hold your mala, and visualize having everything you want. The universe will help you manifest your deepest desires. Create the life of your dreams. Fuchsia Jade is known as the stone of potential, goals and success. It is said to encourage […]

  • Shanti Mala

  • Shanti is inner peace. It is a state of absolute spiritual bliss that leads to love, calmness and clear perception. This mala is for the girl that knows peace begins with a smile. She opens her heart to everyone she meets. Her inner spirit is serene. Her energy is truly beautiful. Live everyday focusing on […]

  • This mala represents intuition – stimulating enlightenment and enhancing dream work and psychic abilities. It’s intention is to release stress and bring deep peace.  Lapis Lazuli is a stone of truth and enlightenment. A powerful tool for opening the Third Eye Chakra, Lapis is a valued stone that opens the connection to Spirit Guardians.  Moonstone has the intention […]

  • The universe has shaken you to awaken you! Let things happen. Cultivate a complete state of calm. Tassels are symbolic of lotus blossoms and represent enlightenment. The strands combine together into one, symbolizing our connection to the Divine and to each other. Oneness. The top of the tassel signifies the link between all beings of […]