Amazonite Tranquility Amplifier

27.00Amazonite Tranquility Amplifier

Customize your Limitless Mala by choosing the Guru that amplifies your spiritual aspirations. Meditate on your ultimate purpose, and focus all your energy on creating space for it in your life. 

The Amazonite Tranquility Amplifier magnifies the properties of amazonite to help you open you find your peace. Amazonite has been said to calm one’s emotions and ease nerves. It allows its wearer to see both sides of a problem, an important asset for a healthy and balanced life. A spiritual stone known to transform negativity into love, forget the bad, focus your energy on the good!

Stone Type | Removable Faceted Almond | Approx. 1.5 Inch Length 

*Limitless Mala Necklace not included*