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Christian Malas

If Holy Yoga is your thing… introducing malas for the Christian yogis!

Anyone know what Kombucha slushies and Christian yoga have in common? They are both allllll the rage right now.

Christian yoga!? Yup… it sounded like a bundle of contradictions for us when we first heard of it last year- but legit – it checks out. The bible IS the most stolen book in the world – and yogis are usually pretty rebellious (am I right?) or atleast “recovering from being rebellious”?

Anyways, our Jesus loving friends have been reaching out wanting some scripture and prayer inspired mala beads. And…. tah-dah! They are special 100 count beads to pray with or repeat a scripture with.

Mala beads, in their many forms, are beneficial for anyone who wants to deepen their connection to their higher purpose.  About a year ago we were introduced to a whole community of yogis who are are as devoted to their relationship with God as they are their yoga practice.  For many, yoga is a spiritual discipline similar to meditation, fasting and prayer, but for the Holy and Spirit Led yogis, much of their practice is focused on Jesus and worship along with their physical posture and breath work.

We’ve created 5 new sets of mala beads, or Christian prayer beads to inspire and elevate the meditation or yoga practice of the believers of our community.  Our full collection of Christian Mala beads can be found  here.




Have you done a Christian yoga class or Holy Yoga or Spirit Led Yoga class? If so RESPOND below and tell us about it as we are dying to give it a try!

P.S. Right now you can use code FREEMALA to get a free Black Onyx or Moonstone Mala with the purchase of any mala!  Just make sure you add your choice of free mala to your basket, or the code won’t work

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Jenna_Hewitt Limitless

Why Spring is the Best Time for New Beginnings

“The best time for new beginnings is now”

“It’s never too late for a  new beginning!”

“This is the beginning of your next great adventure”

We’ve all seen the inspirational quotes on Pinterest, usually accompanied by a beautiful sunrise, or a butterfly, or a big open highway stretched out past the horizon line.  The words may be slightly different, but the message is all too clear… if you’re not happy, start fresh

It’s FINALLY starting to feel like Spring here, and this time of year, even more so than January 1st, always feels like the true beginning of something.  The Earth is coming back to life, animals are waking up, babies are being born, we’re all soaking up the sunbeams and you can feel their warm energies revitalizing everyone.

Spring cleaning, the act of getting rid of that which is no longer serving us, is arguably what makes this the best time of year.  Winter is so strongly associated with comfort… comfort food, comfy clothes, comfy nights in, that we can become so used to those feelings  we avoid tackling anything that could create tension (read: discomfort) in our lives. But the thing is, tension is SO GOOD for us, and is absolutely essential!  If you want to develop or grow or mature, you need to live in the tension and learn how to work through it. Spring is such a natural time to tackle that project

Here at TD, we are actually moving to a new space this Spring, so those new beginning feelings are really been amplified for right now. We’ve found that this has become a mental as well as a physical endeavour, and we start to release ideas, practices, and yes, even products, that are no longer aligned with the vision we have for ourselves. We’re learning to leave things behind that are cluttering up our current space, which is only going to create more space for new and exciting things in the future.  Yes, it’s really uncomfortable sometimes, and maybe a little sad, but it’s such an essential part of growth and development.

So, this month, while you’re cleaning out your basement or weeding your gardens, maybe start a mental list of any emotional Spring cleaning you’ve been avoiding as well.

Are you…

  • Holding onto a one way friendship that’s draining you?
  • Harboring jealousy towards a friend or loved one and it’s negatively impacting your relationship?
  • Dreaming of a goal but doing nothing to achieve it?
  • Engaging with the world around you, or have you closed yourself off?
  • Acknowledging what you need and asking for it?

These are just a few of the questions you could be asking yourself that will prepare you for that new beginning you’ve been dreaming of, by helping you realize what’s currently taking up too much space in your life.


Sexy Soulful Success with Emily Cassel

Recently we connected with Emily Cassel, the woman behind the Sexy Soulful Success podcast.  We were inspired by her ability to “balance strategic masculine structures with soulful feminine flow to help women create a BIG impact and pursue their sacred vision, while still being able to show up and be present in their lives for what matters most to them outside of running their businesses”

Read more from our chat with Emily!

What are your core values, and what do they mean to you?

My core values are freedom, beauty, romance, community, abundance, + authenticity.

To me, freedom means doing the inner work to unlearn limiting beliefs + patterns that no longer serve me to liberate myself from small thinking so that I can experience both intrinsic and extrinsic success.

Beauty is all about tuning into my senses and creating sacred spaces in my home, during events, + in everyday moments that feel magical and special. It’s all about being intentional and curating my environment and life to feel as though it evokes a sense of awe and wonder. This value also allows me to feel creative and organized, and to remember that I hold the power to alchemize any situation into something beautiful, no matter how it may appear at first glance.

To me, romance extends far beyond partnership, and is all about being gentle with myself and others, taking inspired action, and doing all things with devotion and through the lens of unconditional love. Things like buying myself fresh flowers, treating myself to something special, lighting candles, taking extra time and care with my clients, and cooking nourishing meals all feel like expressions of romance to me. I think of the concept of treating life as my lover, and noticing how perfect the journey is unfolding, even when it doesn’t make sense in the present moment.

Community is all about sisterhood, and surrounding myself with friends and other connections that feel like soul family.

Abundance is about experiencing the fullness of myself, life, & every moment, noticing how there is always more than enough to go around. Personally, I love connecting with mother nature as a reminder of the abundance that is inherent on this planet for all of us, in every way. I am constantly affirming to myself that there are always more opportunities coming, more resources available, more women who are looking for me, and more work to be done in even more fulfilling ways. When something doesn’t work out the way I expected or wanted it to, I remind myself that it’s always because there’s something else even more magical coming my way.

Authenticity is about embracing + expressing the fullness of who I am in all ways, in all moments, and in all of my many internal archetypes. I remind myself that I will always feel in alignment and know what to do next when I am being true to myself, because that means I’m living from my soul.


What has been your most impactful moment at a retreat to date?

The most powerful moment I’ve had on retreat was being in Volcano, Hawaii under the full moon, watching the active volcano of Pele, The Hawaiian Volcano Goddess, who represents passion. Everywhere I looked, there was a message wanting to be known, and it felt so sacred. A few of the women who were on the retreat were there, too, and we started uncontrollably giggling a contagious laughter and none of us could stop! We had the BEST time ever, and also offered Pele an offering gift made of banana leaves, dragonfruit, starfruit, + other natural materials.

What does Sexy Soulful Success mean to you?

To me, Sexy Soulful Success means being tuned into your innate feminine wisdom, feeling confident in the truth of who you are, living and leading your soul’s mission, and staying devoted to creating the impact you’re here to create by sharing your unique gifts with the world.

It’s about recognizing that your influence doesn’t come from an external title or role that you play, but from allowing your voice to be heard, answering your soul’s calling, and living your life to the fullest based on what makes you come alive.

I believe every woman has her own unique way of expressing her own brand of Sexy Soulful Success, and every expression is needed, exquisite, and world-changing when witnessed.

What has been the biggest hurdle to your success so far, and how did you learn from it?

The biggest hurdle is always myself, even when that’s hard to admit! I truly believe that the only thing that holds all of us back from success is ourselves — our belief systems, and our willingness to act in alignment with a belief system that supports the future we wish to create for ourselves and for the world.

That being said, one of the biggest hurdles to my success has been not being willing to delegate things out in my business and trying to do it all myself so that I could have more control over everything. Ultimately, that left me feeling like there was always more to do on a never-ending list that kept growing every single week. When that was the case, I felt like I was constantly “behind” and never able to celebrate the big things I was accomplishing, because I was drowning in my overwhelm! I hardly had time to get to one yoga class a week, and I wasn’t prioritizing my self-care or living my values — and I definitely felt it!

From this situation, I learned that it can be powerful to hire out certain tasks that are outside of my zone of genius or don’t bring me more alive when I do them. Now, I have built a small team of women to support me with everything from my podcast, to newsletters, to social media. It’s still me creating the content, communicating with my tribe, and doing the things that feel exciting to me, but I’m no longer doing the tedious administrative stuff so that I can really focus on honing my craft and focusing my energies on higher-level tasks.

In this way, I am now the boss and leader of my business instead of operating as an employee as I was before. It was a tremendously valuable lesson for me, and one that will continue to support me as I grow and shift my business! I’ve also been able to better identify where the women leaders and entrepreneurs I coach through my business are falling into the same trap, and help them learn from my mistake of waiting too long to delegate things out so they can be more effective and impactful faster!

What is your self care routine?

My self-care routine is constantly changing! I follow the moon cycle closely, which aligns with my personal menstrual cycle. By checking in with where my body is and what she needs, I’m better able to give her what she needs to function optimally. That typically includes shifting the food I eat based on the nutrients my body needs most during the phase I’m currently in, using essential oils, taking a yoga class or a long walk with my sweet pup (Kai), reading, and spending lots of quality time with myself. I like to change things up a lot because I’m a natural rebel, and need lots of variety to stay consistent with self-care, but this disposition lends itself well to a more cyclical method of knowing what I need, and providing what would be the most nourishing and supportive during each phase!

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 1.22.12 PMEmily Cassel is a Mentor Masterclass Certified Life, Business, + Leadership Coach for soulful + ambitious women on a mission to make the world a better place.

She holds a BA in Psychology, Marketing, & Sustainable Food Systems from Chatham University, has been recognized as one of the top 100 Life Coach Blogs by Feedspot, and her work has been featured on The Huffington Post and Best Kept Self, among other notable online publications.

Emily is the podcast host of Sexy Soulful Success, where she holds a space for visionary conversations with inspiring women leaders to redefine success and womanhood for modern-day change-making women.


Real Love Revolution Program with Terri Cole

Hey Tribe, we’ve spent the last few months really listening to the struggles and concerns of our community, and trying to figure out how we can best serve you, and one thing that kept coming up over and over was an unhealthy relationship with Love.  Whether it was self love, romantic love or platonic love, this is a pain point for the majority of our community.

Does this sound like you… you always over deliver, and leave nothing in the tank for yourself? Or maybe you’re the type of person who says yes when you reallllly want to say no, leaving a permanent bitter taste in your mouth? Perhaps you even keep repeating the same unhealthy relationship patterns despite knowing deep down that you’re setting yourself up for failure.

If any of those stories sound familiar to you (aka you’re living them), then we think we have the solution for you. We’ve partnered with our dear friend Terri Cole  to bring you her Real Love Revolution Program

This is a proven 10-week coaching program to rewire faulty beliefs about yourself, what you deserve, what you are worth and how lovable you are

Terri’s remarkable course includes

  • 10 weekly video modules
  • 10 week members only private Facebook group
  • 10 integration exercises
  • 10 Laser coaching live call exercises
  • 10 therapeutic meditations

In honor of your commitment to the Real Love Revolution, we’re offering this awesome + inspiring bundle (a $300+ value) GIFTED with your purchase of the Real Love Revolution through us. This bundle is exclusive to our community and includes:

1. The Real Love Revolution Mala, designed with Terri 2. Rose Gold Seed of Life Ring 3. Black Onyx Mala Bracelet 4. The Intention Journal 5. Mini Rose Quartz Crystal Candle


What’s eluding you in your life?

Is it real juicy romantic love or deep self-love and compassion? Are you missing passion for what you’re doing or a true sense of inner peace that, all is well?  Our fave love expert Terri Cole, LCSW has created the perfect solution for you. WE love Terri’s work because she is a triple threat of psychology, coaching and spiritual knowledge that guarantees she’ll cut through the noise and help you get straight to the solution.

Sign up here for Terri’s Real Love Revolution training on all things Real Love, cuz it all starts with YOU!

Unsure if this is a good fit for you?

Do you want to test the waters a bit o before you commit to the full program? Terri is offering FREE master classes so you can experience for your self how Terri can help you! Join her and a powerful group of like-minded women on the Real Love Revolution journey to self and all other love.  Free Master classes are being held on Tuesday March 27th and Wednesday March 28th. Click here to register!


Have questions for Terri?!

She is going to be LIVE on our Facebook page on Monday, March 26th at 12pm EST to really go deep on some of these issues, and answer any questions you may have!


Intuition: Cultivating And Trusting Inner Knowing

We are fortunate to live in a day of age where so much emphasis is placed upon intuition. More so than other times in humanities history we are encouraged to “trust our gut”, “follow our intuition” and go with “what feels right”. The question becomes how do we learn to cultivate this inner knowing? Perhaps just as important, how do we trust this inner knowing?

As an Intuitive Therapist I’ve taught many how to expand their intuition as a foundation for a healthy and holistic life. I help others create practices that both keep intuition sharp and helps to build trust.

The good news is that you already are intuitive. Though we all have varying levels of strength, each of us beautiful humans come standard with an intuitive muscle. Now it is simply a matter of putting practices in place that train our intuitive muscle, ensuring it is strong and finely tuned; capable of providing invaluable clarity in our life.



Since we are already technically intuitive this is more of a coming home to oneself than it is becoming something we are not, or acquiring something new that we’ve never had before. Even if it was a dream we had that felt real, thinking of someone and then having them ring you days later, or feeling emotionally overwhelmed when you enter a crowded room and not knowing why, we have all received intuitive insights throughout our life. Chances are, if you think you are not intuitive, the reality is you have a weaker intuitive muscle.

When our intuitive muscle is weak we find we get “flashes” of intuition that come from out of nowhere. In the modern sense, cultivating intuition is strengthening this muscle so we receive guidance more consistently and on demand when the need arises.

Here are three ways to substantially train your intuition so that it becomes a stronger and more present force within your life.

1. Meditation

Our brains, the precious computers that they are, take in billions of bits of information at any given moment. Every detail taken in and sorted through in mere seconds to decipher what information is filtered out and which is absorbed. Our systems, physical, emotional and mental need the spaciousness meditation provides. Not only for our overall well being but especially when it comes to the cultivation of intuition. Meditation helps us to slow down. To pause. These breaks from the fray help our bodies to take in information with a greater level of detail. We slow the process our brain does naturally at breakneck speeds so that we can assess. Most importantly when we meditate we quiet the brain and the body allowing us to receive. It’s in these moments of stillness that our intuition sees an opening to speaking to us.

2. Childsplay

As children we are naturally all more intuitive. Our beautiful minds have yet to tighten under the conditioning of what we are told we can and cannot do, and as such we see a world much more colorful and open then we tend to as adults. Getting in touch with this ever present, even if long buried, aspect of our self helps us to once again open to our intuition in a natural way. Playing games, using our imagination and engaging our never-ending curiosity are just a few ways that we can connect to our inner child and activate the wide eyed wonderment. We can see through the same eyes that we had as children as we engage in these simple exercises. Our inner child reminds us that intuition is a natural and vital part of our being. We simply need to come home to ourselves.

3. Study (active and passive engagement)

I have always known that I was intuitive but when I first began to consciously cultivate intuition I read everything I could get my hands on. Books, blogs, articles, teleconferences, webinars, you name it, if it was about intuition I devoured it. This passive engagement filled my mind with a great deal of insight on what intuition is, where it comes from as well as myriad ways I could activate my natural intuitive abilities. I learned about different types of intuition, and through this discovered my own strengths and weaknesses. From here I had information I could then put into active engagement in my life with practice, which I did often and consistently.

Practice, as it turned out, was perhaps the most vital aspect to all the work I did as I was consciously strengthening and working with my intuition. Practice is the means whereby we gain confidence in our ability. We begin to trust our inner guidance and most importantly trust yourself. Through practice we learn to discern between an “intuitive ping” as I call them and the ego. Practice is the means through which we not only gain confidence and thereby trust our intuitive insight but we also fine tune our gifts. A win-win!


Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.45.14 PM


Laura Brown is an Intuitive Therapist who blends intuitive tools with traditional therapeutics to help others on their journey towards sustainable well-being. You can schedule your Intuitive Medicine Session or Manifest Session at Of Spirit & Bone. You can also receive daily readings and other musings by following Laura on Instagram


Conscious Living Techniques to Overcome Fear

Recently we touched base with Jennifer Butler, a Transformation Coach who is dedicated to helping others create the life of their dreams. She combines life coaching, health coaching, personal training and conscious living techniques to work intensively with her clients to get clear on their goals, break through their fears, and create the life they desire.

Jenn is amazing at her work, and we were lucky enough to have her share some of her methods and rituals with us!  Keep reading to see what Jenns approach is to life, overcoming obstacles, and the importance of self care.

TD – What are your core values, and what do they mean to you?

JB – My core value is to live to my highest potential and be all that I have been created to be. Living by this value is extremely important to me and influences how I choose to show up in my own life on a daily basis. There will always be challenges to face, things will go wrong, I will get hurt, I will make mistakes, etc. etc., AND I can choose to show up with a heart that is open and leading with love. Every situation that comes my way is an opportunity for me to practice this, and in doing so I am able to grow to reach my potential and be all that I have been created to be.

TD – What are your top 3 conscious living techniques to overcome heartbreak?


  1. Meditation
  2. Exercise/Movement
  3. Dedicated personal growth work

TD – How do you overcome fear in your life, and how do you help your clients overcome their fears?

JB – The way I overcome fear and teach others to do so as well is by making fear your friend. And this is another area where mindful living and practices such as meditation become essential. Over time, I have come to build a relationship with my fear where I acknowledge its presence and am willing to hear what it has to say. We spend some much time either avoiding fear or jumping straight through it, though what I feel is really necessary is taking the time to understand it. Fear is nothing more than a communication from our inner selves that we need to take notice of something. If I am feeling fearful, there is something within me that I must attend to. So, my process is that when I feel fear, I stop and take notice. I ask my fear what it intends for me to know or understand. I wait for the feedback it has to offer me and then I move toward that fear, using it as a guidance system to help me break through barriers or walls I have created within myself to stay small. It is sort of like a dance, working together to achieve something beautiful.

TD – What are your core intentions right now?

JB –

  1. To surrender into the flow of life, going with the current instead of against it.
  2. To be open to opportunities as they present themselves in my life.
  3. To come from a space of love, rather than fear.
  4. To act with courage in my actions and relationships with people in my life.
  5. To always allow my intuition to be my guiding force, trusting it no matter where it takes me.

TD – What is your self-care routine?

JB – Self-care is at the top of my list! For me, self-care is about mindful living.

I wake up every morning to do a daily practice of meditation, prayer, conscious breathing, and stretching. To me, this is my very first act of self-love every morning. I connect to the deepest part of my soul and awaken my spirit.

Throughout the day I remind myself to take conscious breaths to connect with that deep part of my soul. I literally will take moments to tune inward and say hello to myself, to say mantras, or to breath so that I am aligned and connected.

I end my day with gratitude and prayer.

Self-care goes beyond my daily practices though. I make sleep a priority, making sure that I get the amount that my body needs to function at its best. I exercise daily and I eat in a conscious way, tuned into my body and its needs. I smile and laugh throughout my days and I make sure to give and receive lots of hugs!!



Jennifer Butler is a writer and transformation coach, currently working as a community leader for DivorceForce. Beyond an extensive education, Jennifer also went through a life transformation as a result of her own divorce and has dedicated her work to supporting others. You can connect with Jennifer at JennJoyCoaching and on Instagram.


Use your intuition to find the perfect limitless mala

Hi! My name is Angie Aristone, I’m a psychic-medium, flow coach, and the author of Consciousness Becomes You. Today I want to help you intuitively choose the perfect limitless mala and amplifier. So what is intuition? It’s the subtle whisper of a vastly wise and intelligent part of yourself guiding your thoughts and actions when your thinking mind is quiet. The biggest obstacle to connecting with this part of ourselves is our convincing and opinionated egos. So, the question you might be asking is: how do I sidestep my ego and get in touch with my always connected, eternal and authentic self? With practice, we can summon the ego dropping experience and drop into a blissful connection during meditation. For others, quieting the monkey mind can be a little trickier, so I recommend doing what you love, or loving what you’re doing, to the point where you lose track of time and you feel like everything is right. If you can lose yourself in the perfection of the moment, your prefrontal cortex will quiet and you’ll slip into your connected, eternal and authentic self. I hope you will explore this experience often! Remember, how you get there, whether it was cooking or running, meditating or dancing is irrelevant. Be in your authentic connected self as often as possible!

TD-108-Limitless-Mala-AngieAristone-blogphotoChoosing the perfect limitless mala and amplifier

For simplicity sake, let’s say your intention is to balance and align your chakras:

  • Before you shop with intention, take a few minutes to cross your legs and meditate.

    • Play your favorite meditation music while you meditate and while you shop to anchor yourself in connection.

    • Start by witnessing your breath. Then imagine your chakras opening using all of your subtle senses – inner sight, sound, feel, taste, smell.

  • Notice which of them you may have struggled to feel or imagine to the color of. Notice also if there is another sense you use that informs you of an obstacle.

    • Ask yourself: Does one chakra feel flat? Off? Colorless or dull? OR conversely, is are there any that are too open?

  • Ask yourself: what would my energy and my life look and feel like when I’m in total alignment? Spend a few minutes exploring what your potential future looks like in total alignment.

    • Set the intention now to be drawn to, and to brighten, when you come across the limitless mala and amplifier that will help resolve to this issue or enhance your desire. In other words, we are not looking for the color we could not imagine in meditation, we are remaining open to what ‘feels’ like a remedy or like medicine to our energy system.

    • Time to tune into a solution! While your soundtrack is still playing, shift to an eyes open mediation while you shop. Continue to witness your breath..stay present. Let yourself flow through the website effortlessly and playfully. There is no try, think or effort here. Just gentle curiosity.

  • Notice if a particular mala or amplifier creates a sensation of brightening, sort of like a smile on the inside, the sort of feeling you get when you spot a familiar face in a crowd. In this case we brighten when we come across the solution to our desire or block.

  • Gaze and breathe as you tune in to one mala and amplifier at a time, paying attention to any subtle sensations that arise. Take your time exploring without any judgement or running commentary until you feel settled.

  • Your intuition has already found the perfect mala and amplifier for you, it’s okay if it takes your ego some time to catch up and trust the wisdom of your intuition.


Angie has worked as a psychic medium and flow coach for 16 years. She holds workshops helping people learn to access extraordinary abilities in flow states of consciousness, and is the co author of the book Consciousness Becomes You.

Website | Amazon 



6 Tips for Opening your Third Eye

For centuries seers have been connecting to their divine intuition and wisdom by opening their Third Eye. It allows us to experience the subtle nuances between our world and the world of spirits, by helping us channel our intelligence and psychic powers.

The Third Eye is your 6th Chakra, the home of your intuition, and the window to your enlightenment. It is located in centre of the brain, and some argue there is a correlation between this, and the Great pyramids being in the centre of the physical planet, and because it is directly behind the eyes, it is activated by light. Due to its close proximity to the hypothalamus gland, it can also have an impact on your most basic primal needs of thirst, hunger, and sexual desire.

The Third Eye is really the core of all our spiritual work. For most of us, the reason we choose to meditate is to deepen our connection to our inner divine, connect with our soul, and tune into our intuition so we can make more informed choices. We must have a clear and open Third Eye in order to truly see the path laid out before us.

Here are our favorite ways to work on opening the Third Eye, so we can truly transform into the best versions of ourselves

  1. MEDITATE. We can’t stress this enough. Your meditation practice is the most integral connection to your Third Eye you have. Make sure you are fostering that growth with regular sessions.
  2. Step out of your comfort zone every single day.. Open your mind by being curious, and exploring new ideas and beliefs. A closed eye thrives on narrow minded beliefs.
  3. Eat whole, nutrient dense foods. Get all the antioxidants you can through superfoods like acai, blueberries, quinoa and coconut. Your body thrives off the energy provided by proper nourishment. The better you take care of the physical body, the more energy reserves there are for the spiritual body
  4. Use ginkgo biloba, rosemary, and passionflower. Plant these in your garden so you can make delicious herbal teas, and dry them to hang around your home.
  5. Use those crystals! Wear them in your mala, tuck them in your pockets, purse, car, pillow case… wherever you spend the most time. We recommend Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite.
  6. Don’t forget your mantra! “I am open”, “I trust myself” and “My intuition knows the way” are our favorites.


What it Means to be a Priestess in 2018

2018 is the year of the Priestess.  I know, that is a strong statement, but given our current social climate, and the momentum of movements like #metoo, #timesup and The Women’s March, females everywhere are starting to really feel the vibrations of their uniquely feminine energies. This is the Age of Aquarius (try and get that song out of our head now), an age of harmony, understanding, and trust.  The timing is ripe for women to shed their fears, let go of everything holding them back, and truly step into their power.

In Ancient times, a Priestess was a women who devoted her life to serving her Deity.  Often she would live at the temple with the other Priestesses, where they would fill their days praying, cleaning, catching babies, healing and  throwing temple celebrations for the community. These women would form a sisterhood of spirituality, and serve the Deity in whatever forms necessary.

In today’s world, we priestesses don’t live in temples surrounded by our spiritual sisters (although that sounds pretty magical), and we don’t worship our diety in the same way.  We may go to our temple of choice on a designated day, or perhaps we’ve created a worship space in our own homes, filled with crystals, candles, tarot cards, smudges and essential oils. We could also choose to serve by journaling, meditation or mindful living.

Being a modern day priestess looks much different than it did back then. We aren’t so much ethereal beings draped in robes anymore, as we are modern day warriors wielding our individual talents like shields to prove our importance. We are being pulled in more directions than we can count, and are often unable to devote as much time to our spirituality as we need/want.  We’re too busy planning our next career move, or our allergen friendly menu for the week, or that enriching yet educational homeschool lesson for the littlest members of our tribe.

Despite the differences, we still carry the core values of the ancient priestess inside of us.  We live a life devoted to our purpose. We make sure to serve ourselves, and by doing so we serve our Inner Divine at the same time. We believe in the power of rituals.  We use the moon as our clock, and our intuition as our compass.  We stand strong for what we believe in, and we aren’t afraid to challenge the patriarchy.

The feminine power is rising.  We are enlightened beings who know our value, and we are not afraid of the work ahead.


Manifest anything you desire

We all know that it’s possible to manifest anything that you desire in your life, right? Today I’d love to share with you the story of how we manifested a cross-country move with our family in about 11 months. What makes this story incredible is that we didn’t have a job transfer or anything else like that to help us to achieve our goal. We had to manifest it ourselves, along with the amazing support of friends, family and God.

Before we get into the long story, here are some the strategies I used to help our family manifest our dream:

  • My husband and I both wrote out our one year vision on January 1, 2017. It included living in BC.
  • I wrote a gratitude intention in my journal every night for months. A gratitude intention is when you are grateful for something in the present tense; that has yet to manifest in the real world.
  • We ‘acted as if’ our dream had already manifested.
  • Whenever someone asked when we were moving, I would say at the end of November, beginning of December, even though we didn’t confirm any dates until Nov 17th.
  • I wore my Manifest mala necklace daily for over a month.
  • I booked several of our services (moving crates etc.) before everything was finalized.
  • I created a vision board, which was beside my bed.
  • We prayed. Every morning I prayed for support and guidance from God to help us with our move.

Want to find out how this incredible story all worked out? Stick with me until the end and I promise you, you’ll be as amazed as we were that it all came together in just over 24 hours.

When you tell people that you’re moving across the country the first question they ask you is: So is your husband getting transferred? It’s always a bit of a shock when we tell them it was a decision that we made in order to be closer to my family. My parents, who have been living in Mexico for over 8 years, had recently moved to British Columbia. I also wanted to be geographically closer to my sister, as she is one of my best friends. She is married with two young daughters, who are my daughter Céline’s only cousins.

So how did we make this all happen?

First, on January 1st 2017 my husband and I had set our intention to be living in Langley, B.C. by January 1st of 2018. We took the time to write our intentions down, and send them as an email to each other. Here’s part of what I wrote:

‘Dan and I wake up in our king sized bed together after celebrating New Year’s Eve with my family. Céline comes in for snuggles with our puppy, Mouse, the newest addition to our family. She’s an adorable Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever that we have been waiting all year for.

Christmas was celebrated in our home in the Langley area of BC, with both of Celine’s grand-parents present and of course, my sister and her family. It’s awesome being only an hour drive away from them and about 4 hours from my parents too.’

A few weeks later, I flew out to my sister’s place in North Vancouver, B.C. I started to seriously think about moving our family from Ontario to British Columbia. And it was a big step for us to be able to do this. We decided that it would be best if our family I came out for a visit that summer so that we could take a seriously serious look at Langley BC.

Using some of my strategies to get things going

Over the next few months we started thinking about all the pieces that would have to come together for this to actually happen. I created a new vision board; which included a photo of my family and some images of British Columbia. This was kept beside my bed for many, many months. I also started writing in a gratitude intention in my gratitude journal that included moving with my family to live in Langley, BC.

In the spring I started to look at different homes and neighborhoods that would work for our family. One of the things that is really important to us is our French-language heritage and culture. We wanted to find a school that offered education in French for our daughter. After a little bit of research we found that there was a French School in a neighborhood called Walnut Grove. We knew that it would be best for our daughter if she had the chance to visit the school before we actually moved to a new Province and a new city. So we created a plan to visit the school that summer and built our vacation around that plan.

Our trip to British Columbia

The first week of July we flew out to BC, and stay with my sister for visit. During that visit we went out to visit Langley three different times, including once with our real estate agent. On one of those trips when my husband and I were driving through Walnut Grove, we drove past the community center and beautiful forested areas surrounding it. I remember saying to him soph and julie top of grouse (our trip to BC)wouldn’t it be great if we actually lived by the community center? I said that comment in such an off-handed way that it completely had slipped my mind – until a few weeks ago when we actually purchased a house in Walnut Grove, across the street from the community center.

When we returned back to our home in Burlington Ontario, we knew that it wouldn’t be long until we put our house up for sale. This is where our first biggest challenge came from. The housing market in Vancouver and the surrounding area had recovered and was once again a seller’s market. However the market in Ontario, where new legislation was introduced in the spring, had slowed down significantly and had become a buyer’s market.

Making the decision to sell our home

We put our home on the market in September with the intention that it would be sold in the first 30 days. At the same time my husband started looking for work. We knew that as a last resort he could always stay behind and work on his current role while our daughter and I moved to BC. However this was a very unappealing solution to our move across the country as we wanted to do it as a family.

Applying for jobs when you are out of province and do not have an address of where you will be moving to, really makes it hard for prospective employers to actually trust that you’re going to make the move. We applied to close to a dozen jobs, before he even had one interview. And that one interview went really well, yet unfortunately that process dragged on for over a month and he ended up not getting that role.

Was there some good luck involved?

It was also during this time that I started wearing my Manifest Mala every single day. I would hold the gemstone and visualize our family selling our home and moving to our new home in Langley. For me, the mala was a source of comfort and a physical representation of my desire to manifest our dream. It also felt like a good-luck and good-vibes charm!

By chance, one lunch hour we had decided to call cold call a recruiter in the Vancouver area. We did not know this person we simply looked at the agency online knew that they dealt with roles and technology and gave them a call. That one phone call ended up giving my husband an incredible opportunity for a new role in Surrey, which is close to Langley.

The last part of the puzzle

Finding housing in Langley (Walnut Grove area) was the last piece of our puzzle. We knew we wanted to find a house with three bedrooms, but it was looking more and more like we couldn’t find one in our price range, and would have to figure out a different solution. As a family of three, we could make two bedrooms, work. However, as I work from home, and my husband is a video game streamer, we would have to find two other areas in the home for each of us to do our own thing. One thing that I am super grateful for is that my business is portable and I don’t have to start from scratch when I move. In fact, I look at it as an amazing opportunity for expansion.

The first miracle

our new homeThen we found it: the home in Walnut Grove that ticked off ALL of our boxes, and was priced in our budget. Our agent visited and sent us videos of the property. I never imagined that we would be comfortable buying a property without visiting it first. We knew it was the right one and really trust our agent. We put in an offer and it was accepted, with 7 business days to fulfill conditions. At this time, we had not sold our house here in Burlington, nor did my husband have a job. This was a massive leap of faith. We kept saying, we’re moving at the end of November, beginning of December (it was already Nov 8th).

The really incredible miracle

Now we were in a VERY stressful position. We had 7 business days to sell our house and get our closing date. Our agent suggested one last open house, and we dropped our price again by $10,000. At this point, it had been close to two months since we had listed. Incredibly, our future buyers came to that open house on Nov 12th. They put in an offer on Nov 14th, and we sold FIRM two days later on Nov 16th. On that same day, my husband got a job offer from the company in Surrey (his 2nd interview was the night before). The next day, Nov 17th, we waived the conditions on our home in Langley. Incredibly, it all came together in 24 hours. Our house closes here on Dec 8th, my husband starts work on Dec 12th and we get our keys on Dec 15th.

How did we ‘act as if’?

star wars the last jediHere’s just one example of acting as if our dream had already manifested. Our family loves Star Wars. And we were super excited when the tickets went on sale for The Last Jedi, the next movie in the series. These tickets went on sale on October 10th. We had a decision to make – purchase the tickets in Ontario or British Columbia. I knew that I had to show that we were 100% committed to being there by the end of November, beginning of December. So we bought them for Langley! And guess what? We were there for opening night on Dec 14th!

What does this mean for you?

It means that when you make a decision that is non-negotiable, things do work out. Not always exactly when you think that they will or how you thought they would, but they do. I know that you can do this too and manifest your wildest dreams! It’s possible for anyone to create a magical life. I’m no different from you; I’ve just had a little bit more practice at this manifesting stuff. Decide today on what you’re going to manifest in 2018. I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned, and I’ll be cheering you on, every step of the way!!

julie-128Julie Boyer’s mission in life is to inspire people to build their lives on a foundation of gratitude through her brand, Wake Up With Gratitude™. Julie’s first book, 30 Days of Gratitude, The Gratitude Program That Will Change Your Life, became an Amazon bestseller when it was released in May 2013. She is also the founder of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox Program, a healthy, whole food detox that nourishes your body at the cellular level. Julie also loves to mentor and develop leaders through her mentorship program as well. A former triathlete, Julie has completed 3 full Ironman Distance triathlons. Julie lives in Vancouver B.C., Canada with her 7 year old daughter and husband Dan. She can be reached on her blogInstagramTwitter and Facebook.


First New Moon Reading of 2018

The first new moon of 2018 is a powerful opportunity to get focused, aligned and ready for the year ahead.
Our light is bright.
Our hearts are open.

We are ready to shine, create and revolutionize the world we live in.

This New Moon is collectively calling us to use the wisdom we’ve cultivated on our spiritual path and apply it. It’s a time for inspired action — to stop hiding and to start expressing your feelings and ideas.

Our desires, dreams and intentions must be planted and nurtured. Tending to our inner garden with relentless commitment and passion is key to our inner and outer transformation.  

We must give our desires a voice and act with inspiration over the coming weeks. This is a potent time for taking action and getting creative. Give yourself permission to fall and you will soar ten times higher. Let your magic be seen, felt and heard in the world.

The steps you take now will create the foundation for the life you’ve always wanted to live.

So move when you feel moved.
Act on inspiration.
And show the world who you really are.


Nine of Cups

TinyDevotions_blog108-AlexCarruthers-NineofCupsWe are walking into 2018 with light in our hearts and a readiness to continue our journey. The Nine of Cups represents the completion of a powerful and important chapter of inner growth and healing. For most of us, 2017 was a turbulent year filled with many challenges that taught us important lessons about who we are and what we are meant to do in the world. The universe brought us to our knees and cracked us open so that we could heal not only our personal wounds, but the deep collective wounds that keep so many of us divided. This process created tons of expansion and it is with this enlightened perspective that we enter a new year.

The Nine of Cups represents the profound power and wisdom that we are carrying with us in 2018. Our light is brighter than ever before. We know what we want and why. We are deeply committed to our path and open to the wild possibility that is dawning before us during this dark stage of the moon. As it grows, so too will the intentions we nurture.

King of Crystals

TD_Img2-SeedoflifeThe King of Crystals call us into the power of masculine and reminds us that action is a vital ingredient to manifestation. Crystals are connected to the earth element and represent achievement and abundance in our earthy endeavors. And the King represents our divine masculine, the side of us that is fiery, driven and motivated to get the job done.  This card’s calling us to let our inner girlboss out! Get focused on what you want this year and then let inspiration lead you to right actions to take.

But act with compassion.  Remember the emotional wisdom of the Nine of Cups. Do not let your fire burn you out! Listen to the wisdom of your body and let your intuition lead you. Don’t bypass your emotional guidance system and drive yourself into the ground. Action for actions sake gets you nowhere. You must take aligned action. How do we know whether an action step is aligned? Inspiration. Every action inspiration leads you to take, is aligned. Inspiration is one of the key signs that you are aligned in your flow state. So act on inspiration… and quickly! this new moon. You will reap the benefits of the seeds you plant over the coming days and weeks for many months and years to come.

Eight of Cups (Reversed)

TD_Img4-limitlessThe Eight of Cups in its reversed position reminds us to embrace our mistakes and to treat them as opportunities for growth and healing. Cups are the suit of the heart and represent our emotions and intuitive nature. Turn the number 8 on its side and we have the infinity symbol, the internal dance between light and dark, conscious and unconscious.  The point in the middle, where the two circles connect, represents our higher self. When we take this position we can see not only the conscious forces at play within us, but the unconscious aspects too. We have an opportunity to connect with our own shadow. And it’s by taking this perspective that we’re able to heal and grow.

The Eight of Cups reminds us that mistakes are necessary catalysts for our own enlightenment. Without them, we’d never evolve. If we can embrace our struggles with an open mind and heart, we will always overcome them. And in the process of doing so will uncover many gifts, talents and strengths we never imagined we possessed.

The Wheel of Fortune

TinyDevotions_blog108-AlexCarruthers-WheelofFortuneOur final card in the reading, the Wheel of Fortune, brings us both the message of fulfillment and assurance that we are moving in alignment with our destiny. Life is not a straight line or staircase… it’s a roller coaster! And when we’re about to drop or go upside down of course we’re going to feel afraid … but that’s part of the experience. A roller coaster without any steep drops or crazy loops wouldn’t be any fun. Just like a life without any struggles or hardship wouldn’t feel very rewarding.

While there will be moments over the coming weeks and months where you will be tested, challenged and stretched, The Wheel of Fortune card reminds you that this is what a human experience is all about. There is value in both our positive and our negative experiences should we seek it.

We are asked to deepen our perspective this year and to look for the big picture reasons why we are experiencing what we’re experiencing.  We are being asked not to resist our negative emotions, but to embrace and learn from them — and to take this compassionate perspective out into the world.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. What you are experiencing now is giving you the tools, insight and power you need to create the life you’ve always desired and dreamed of. Stay open and focused and the seeds you plant and nurture this winter will blossom into magic you experience for the rest of your life.

alexwebs-83Alex Carruthers is an intuitive life coach and writer. She helps women embrace their spiritual gifts, heal their hearts and change the world. Originally a journalist, Alex went through a radical awakening in her early twenties that put her on a path of personal healing and opened her up to the world of metaphysics and spirituality. Through her coaching programs, intuitive tarot readings and shamanic healing sessions she helps women connect more deeply with their own intuition and step into their power so that they can transform their lives.

To learn more about Alex and working with her visit You can also follow her readings and inspiring daily posts on Instagram (


Let your intuition guide you to your 2018 intentions

It’s a new year, and with that comes a fresh perspective.  Many people use this time of year to reset their goals, refocus their minds, and choose new intentions.  We suggest really taking the time to connect with your inner divine, work on opening your third eye, and use your intuition to lead you down the right path!

Allow your intuition to guide you through the word search, revealing which intentions to claim as your own for 2018!


Want to wear your new intention in 2018? Click below for our recommendations!

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Harnessing the Vibrations of Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver

Are you feeling anxious one day and energized the other? It could be the change of seasons, work stressors or relationship struggles  affecting your mood, or it could be vibes from the jewelry you’re wearing.

We all know that everything in nature emits an energetic vibration. Natural healers and shamans have been prescribing crystals like quartz, ruby, turquoise and many others as a way to balance out challenging vibes for centuries. But did you know  gold, rose gold and silver all emit an energy that can also be harnessed for your spiritual, emotional and physical benefit?

Embracing The Gold Standard

TD-SriYantra_gold_IsolatedGold, “The Master Healer”, has been a symbol of wealth and power since humans began keeping a record of valuable items. Gold is also associated with purity, as in being ‘present and open’ to communication with the original source of all existence.  When gold is combined with gemstones, it increases the healing power of the stones exponentially.  Trying to manifest more wealth and abundance in your life? Wear gold while you’re meditating on those intentions… trust us! Here we love to wear gold to help open the crown chakra, exposing us to rare and previously untapped sources of wisdom.


Drop the Rose Colored Glasses, Slip on the Rose Gold

TD-Mala-108-RoseGold-limitless-Amplifier-FlatlayCharged with the warmth of the Sun’s energy, Rose Gold is often worn by healers and teachers, especially after a session of self-healing, to replenish diminished energies and help balance the chakras. Rose Gold’s healing properties can benefit the nervous system by improving it’s ability to communicate essential information, and enhancing the flow of information throughout the wearer’s body. It is a high level amplifier and has strong associations with Heart Chakra, so here we often pair it with rose quartz to really focus our intentions on self love and healing.

Trade in Silver Linings for Silver Rings

Silver reflects the phases of the mTD_108_Priestess_flatlayoon, making the wearer increasingly sensitive to psychic ripples. Those looking to tap into their dormant psychic abilities should really be wearing alllll the silver, especially women as it’s one of the more feminine metals. Physically silver is said to increase the production of hormones, as well as regulate the function of glands, which is so crucial to our health and well being.  Silver as strong associations with intuition, vision and clarity, so we love to intertwine it with clear quartz to strengthen our connection to those intentions



When choosing the adornment you wear, pause and really think about every aspect of it. Most of our readers are pretty familiar with the healing properties of gemstones and sacred materials, but have you ever stopped to think about the metals used? You might be surprised by how much they can influence your spiritual journey

What’s your favourite metal? Leave us a comment and let us know!


All about the Chakras

I’m having a chakra moment right now  I’ve always been interested in the Chakras, but never dedicated the time to reallllly dig deep and learn about them… About 6 months ago that changed when I hit a low point in my life that I just COULD NOT bounce back from. I was overwhelmed, broke, exhausted, anxious and lost, I could feel my grip on everything slipping. I called one of my closest friends, a true Lightworker, and over lots of tea (and maybe a little wine) she helped me face the darkness in my life, and opened my eyes to how integral the chakras are to our health.   Continue reading


But Really… What IS Sacred Geometry?


The first time I discovered sacred geometry was close to a decade ago in Bali. It was Ubud actually – which is the spiritual center of Bali {sidenote: absolutely magical if you haven’t been there, go ahead and add that to your wanderlust list now}. I stumbled into the cooooolest looking shop and there were indescribably beautiful geometric patterns and formations everywhere: On art, on jewelry, on the walls, and even tattooed on the arms of the bright eyed shopkeeper. I didn’t know what it meant…but I knew it was powerful. Very powerful. I I bought a 3D sacred geometry ring to complete my soul searching trip and bring back home with me.

Have you been seeing sacred geometry pop up everywhere as well lately? It seems as though the time has come for sacred geometry to intersect with yogis and spiritual seekers around the world, to deepen their understanding and practices of the mystical.

Maybe you watched our video , and were intrigued by the pretty shapes, but then your phone dinged, your dog barked at air, and your kettle boiled… tea time!  And then you were lost down the rabbit hole of emails and searches for the ever elusive squirrel of the dogs imagination, still not really understanding what all this Sacred Geo stuff is all about.

SacredGeoRings (1)

So, here is our attempt at the most simple and thorough explanation of that which cannot fully be explained 😉  We will focus on 3 foundational patterns: The Flower of Life, The Seed of Life and the Sri Yantra. There is sooooo much sacred geometry to discover and study but these are the most prevalent and our faves.

It’s really very simple once you strip it down to the basics.  Math is a powerful thing people, it holds the key to literally everything in nature. By studying a simple flower, you can find the mathematical equation in its form and link it back to creation.  It’s kinda mind blowing

The Flower of Life is the holy grail of Sacred Geo.  Every pattern of creation can be found in here, from the simple dot to Metatrons Cube.  Just look at the beauty that’s created when the Universe is in harmony, that’s what the Flower of Life represents. It has provided deep spiritual meanings, and even some forms of enlightenment to many who have studied it, from the ancient Egyptians to DaVinci


The Seed of Life is The Beginning.  The basis of the Flower of Life, it is the relationship of six circles perfectly forming around one, containing all the fundamental shapes of Creation. Everything starts with these 7 circles.  Think about it; 7 days of the week, 7 days of creation, 7 colors in a rainbow, 7 notes on a scale, 7 chakras… we could go on.  (How expanded is your mind right now?)


The Sri Yantra, with it’s 9 interlocking triangles, is a spiritual AF shape representing the union of the divine man and woman. The point where the triangles meet in the center is considered to be the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds.The 7 circuits of the Yantra (paths around) are also linked to our chakras.  I love using it as my inner tuning fork during meditation, after learning it many believe it is the geometrical representation of the most sacred sounds on earth, like AUM.


This is  a small but mighty sampling of the hundreds of Sacred Geometry shapes Mother Universe has created for us.  From the smallest cell, to the largest galaxy, you really can find these patterns in all living things. Sacred Geometry at it’s most basic level really represents oneness. It is a daily reminder to look deeper, don’t just look straight ahead, sometimes you need to look up and down and backwards to see the whole picture.

Check out our Sacred Geometry offerings at


Is Gratitude a Habit, a Practice or a Value?

Do you think of gratitude as a habit, a practice or a value? I often speak about all three, each one having a place in our everyday lives. When we are focusing on how to be more grateful every day, it’s important to look at each one separately and figure out how to fit all of them together in the end. As you read this post, I invite you to take a look at your own habits, practices, and values. Then you can decide whether or not you are living in alignment with these on a daily basis.

Let’s start with habits.

Habits are the things we repeat every day, such as writing in a gratitude journal or choosing to wake up with gratitude. I share my favorite morning routines in this post which will be helpful when you’re looking to create new gratitude habits. My favorite morning gratitude habit is to simply say, ‘Thank you for this gift of another day and the opportunity to be of service to others and make a difference in the world.’ Which of your morning habits is currently serving you well? And which ones are not?

The old adage that it takes 21 days to create a habit is not always accurate. I’ve found that a new habit can be created in a matter of days, once you’ve made the decision to change. And it’s often much easier to create a new habit, rather than trying to get rid of an old one. For example, let’s say you have a habit of pressing snooze a few too many times and are often late for work. Create a new habit by choosing to wake up with gratitude, which could include changing the name of your alarm to ‘I am grateful’. That way when you see your alarm, it reminds you to be grateful. This will often make you smile and start to wake up, as you think of what you are grateful for this morning.

What about a gratitude practice?

Practices are when we use gratitude to help us in different situations. For example, we can practice gratitude while waiting in line, instead of being frustrated. Keep a list of simple things that you’re grateful for in your phone, such as clean drinking water and electricity. Instead of scrolling through your social media feeds, review your list of things you’re grateful for. That will quickly shift your mood!

We can also practice gratitude with others when we acknowledge and give thanks for those that make a difference in our lives. Sending out gratitude cards or Thank-You cards is a great way to do this. We live in a time where a physical piece of mail is very special. Taking a few moments, each week, to send out one or two cards of thanks is a very valuable and inexpensive gratitude practice.

For many of our Tiny Devotions tribe members, both yoga and meditation are also daily practices. You can incorporate gratitude into both of these easily. This post from the Chopra Center shares some excellent poses that inspire gratitude. I am also a fan of guided gratitude meditation and use my Insight Timer app daily. Which app do you use for meditation (if you do use one)? If you’d like to download a guided gratitude meditation, I’ve recorded a 10 minute one for you that you use to start your day.

How does gratitude fit into our values?

And lastly, as a value, it’s when we choose to live a life that is built on a foundation of gratitude. It’s when we choose gratitude first and often, as a way of relating to others and understanding our differences. As we learn how to be more grateful, we start to think of gratitude as one of our values. It may not be a core value for you, as it is for me; however I highly encourage you to include it in your top five core values. Our core values help us to make decisions and are expressed in how we show up in the world. We can choose to find a way to be grateful in any given situation, whether it’s full of joy or great sadness.

Which one of these is right for you?

In summary, there are many ways in which we can easily include gratitude in our everyday lives. What’s most important is that we choose to include gratitude from the moment we wake up in the morning, til we lay our heads down at the end of the day.  It doesn’t matter where you start. Make a decision to live a more grateful life and you’ll find that your habits, practices and values will evolve over time. When we live in alignment with our values we tend to have a better outlook on the world and find our groove much more easily.

Julie-128Julie Boyer’s mission in life is to inspire people to build their lives on a foundation of gratitude through her brand, Wake Up With Gratitude™. Julie’s first book, 30 Days of Gratitude, The Gratitude Program That Will Change Your Life, became an Amazon bestseller when it was released in May 2013. She is also the founder of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox Program, a healthy, whole food detox that nourishes your body at the cellular level. Julie also loves to mentor and develop leaders through her mentorship program as well. A former triathlete, Julie has completed 3 full Ironman Distance triathlons. Julie lives in Ontario, Canada with her 6 year old daughter and husband Dan. She can be reached on her blogInstagramTwitter and Facebook.


Spirituality For Success – Unlocking your Spiritual Side for more Success as an Entrepreneur

What if I told you unlocking your spiritual side will increase your success as an entrepreneur, would you believe me?

You might be sceptical, just as I was. Having graduated in business and being an entrepreneur since my twenties, I was hard to woo. I was a toughened business woman who believed in traditional business and marketing methods.

That was until I hit rock bottom and felt that I had failed my first business, my kids and my family. In the depths of my downward spiral, I discovered mentors who believed in greater powers and Universal energies. I became obsessed with self-development, the Law of Attraction and I even googled ‘how to meditate’.

I began to find peace in meditation and realised that for years, I had been hiding under lots of masks and the pretence of having everything together. My inner being had felt the opposite. With some of the masks removed and a stripping of my soul, I connected to my inner most truth and began to absorb support from these Universal powers.

Success was an inside game. Everything I had followed for years had failed me. I was not the failure. My beliefs were.

With a spiritual backpack on my back, I began to rebuild myself and found that my day to day experience was shifting from that of anxiety to tranquillity, newfound freedom and hope. Over time I began to witness lots of small miracles in my life. But I was also hit with great earthquakes too, taking me out of my zone. Each time I fell, I used every spiritual tool and practice I knew to realign myself for success and miracles. It was the most unglamorous awakening ever but totally worth it.

As the Universe would have it, I manifested the divine download to work with other entrepreneurs and mentor them around growing their business from a spiritual perspective. As soon as I began talking about the two together, my growth as a coach exploded.

Here are some tips to allow spirituality to enhance your success as an entrepreneur:

1 Have a non-negotiable spiritual practice that allows you to connect with universal energy or whatever you believe in, on a daily basis.

2 Challenge yourself to use your intuition as a sounding board for making those business decisions. Meditate, go within, or journal when you are faced with opportunities and decisions. Your intuition always knows what’s best.

3 Ask for Universal support when you feel fearful or are pushed outside your comfort zone. Recognise your fear as the voice of the ego, your dark side. My clients have overcome fear of visibility, fear of speaking their truth and fear of sharing their message with the World, by relying on spiritual tools.

4 Trust that you are supported unconditionally. Stop relying on your own strength to be successful. Know that you are being guided, watched over and supported, and feel the relief in your energy.

5 Be the light. Lead with light and love always. So many entrepreneurs are thinking ‘what’s in it for me?’. When you shift away from ego based thoughts towards loving thoughts and being of service to your clients, your business will grow tenfold.

6 Practice gratitude every day to get into the highest vibration possible. Allow yourself to get into the feeling of being grateful. It’s easy to say you’re grateful or to think it, but actually feeling it, is where the magic begins. This sends a signal to the Universe that you are ready for more miracles in your life and business.

7 Ask yourself what is the ‘higher good’ of your business. Why are you doing this work and what purpose does it serve. When you can tap into your ‘why’ on a deeper level, your success will be magnified.

8 Get grounded to take massive action. Achieving balance between spirituality and business is key to success. Allow your spiritual practice to fuel your growth so that you achieve more and burnout less.

9 Use your energy to feed your growth. Energetic marketing has been transformational for my clients as they step into new beliefs about themselves and attract a tribe that vibes with them. Imagine everything you put out into the World being reciprocated back to you. Raised consciousness allows more fun, freedom and abundance.

10 Invite your Higher Self to every party! Celebrate all of your wins and thank your Higher Self for showing up. The more you celebrate the small wins, the bigger the successes that come your way.

Have fun with your spiritual growth and enjoy even more success!

Lynne (22 of 60)Join Lynne at High Vibe Live a Luxury retreat for Spiritual, Life, Business & Health Coaches taking place on November 6-8 at the Luxury Galgorm Resort & Spa in Belfast, Ireland. Learn more here.

Lynne Taggart is a Motivational Speaker, Business Coach and Success Strategist who works with Spiritual Entrepreneurs, supporting them to step into the best version of themselves and elevate their success.She believes that success comes from your inner self mastery, tuning into your Higher Self and a connection to Universal energies.

Lynne has built a multi 6 figure business, through online Coaching, Group Programs and live events. She is the founder of Soul Biz Mastery, High Vibe Live luxury retreats and the High Vibe Mentorship. She is a Mum, Essential Oil lover, and loves to travel.

Lynne is a Gabby Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 and Level 2 Graduate and a May Cause Miracles Practitioner. Lynne has been an entrepreneur for over 12 years, having graduated in Business Management and has supported many business owners with their growth.


Using the Breath to Uplift Your Energy

The breath is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal for altering negative thought patterns and staying centered in the present moment. Simply taking a moment during the day to close your eyes and breathe deeply makes such a difference in terms of your mood, mindset and even your productivity levels.

There are endless yogic breathing techniques you can try to engage your parasympathetic nervous system and feel more peaceful within minutes. Breathing truly is one of the most effective methods for calming the mind and uplifting your mood, and the best part is that you can seamlessly incorporate these exercises into your day without disrupting your schedule.

To get you started, here are five tips for using the breath to uplift your energy and stay focused:

1. Add a mala to the mix. Using your mala beads during your breathing or meditation practice image3can add a grounding, calming method as it gives you a tangible object to hold onto as you find your zen. All the Tiny Devotions malas make for lovely meditation tools, but the Amethyst Om Mala is especially useful for opening and clearing the mind during your practice.

2. Keep the spine long and erect. While you can choose to lie down during your breathing practice, this often leads to accidental nap time! Instead, try sitting cross legged, propped up on a block or a pillow, with your spine erect, shoulders down and the crown of th
e head leading up towards the sky. This will ensure the energy is flowing freely throughout your body and lead to a more effective practice.

3. Set the mood. While you may be at the office or in a public washroom during your breathing practice, do your best to find or create a space that feels peaceful to you. If you’re at home, light candles and keep elements of nature nearby like crystals, plants or water fixtures. This will help to amplify the healing powers of the breath and really set the tone for your meditation practice.

4. Inhale slowly through the nose for four counts, hold the breath for four counts and exhale for four counts, then try counting each inhale and exhale up to ten. As you focus on counting your inhales and exhales, you’ll find your mind beginning to slow down and the relaxation response kicking in. If you give the mind an occupation other than worrying, fretting or making endless to-do lists, you’ll find yourself feeling more zen in no time.

5. Meditate on the breath. Think about the coolness of the air coming in through your nostrils and the warm air coming out to stay centred during your breathing practice. Or, imagine the breath coming in through the bottom of your feet and leaving through the top of your head as you exhale. You could also imagine the breath as bright, white light travelling through your entire system, cleansing the organs and tissues in your body and bringing peace to your entire being. Get creative and think of a few visualization techniques that work for you to support your practice.

How do you use the breath to uplift your energy? Let us know in the comments below!

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 10.59.47 AMBorn and raised in Toronto, Kenzie is a writer, blogger and yoga teacher. She loves all things beautiful, magical and free-spirited, and she’s passionate about seeking inspiration everywhere.


Discovering Your Mantra

In ancient times, mantras were handed down by teachers or gurus. Nowadays many people can easily feel overwhelmed by trying to discover their personal mantra. We’re here to let you know that you have the ability to discover and create your own! You just have to know what you’re looking for.

The term “mantra” comes from two ancient Sanskrit words:


Mantra directly translates to “instrument of thought” and is a powerful sound and/or set of vibrations. It is formed with a single word, sentence or phrase that you repeat to yourself during meditations to keep focused. We use them to keep the mind connected, our souls energized and our spirit aligned with our manifesting intentions. By regularly meditating with your mantra your mind connects positive intentions with actions, leaving no room for negativity.

Here are some tips on how to discover the perfect mantra for you right now:

    • Start by asking yourself the following important questions
    • What do I need from the universe?
    • What am I looking to create in my life?
    • Do any of the ancient sanskrit mantras have personal meaning or relevance to me, or am I more of a modern girl?

If you’re new to mantras, don’t pick something too complicated. It should be easy to repeat and remember.

You’re never limited to only one, not in a single day or ever! Discover what’s right for you as you experience life and grow in your unique way. 

To get started here are some of our fav mantras here on Team TD

Modern Day Mantras

  1. “I am loved
  2. “I am open to the abundance of the universe.”
  3. “Where I am right now is exactly where I need to be.”
  4. I am worthy
  5. “I am open to change

Traditional Sanskrit Mantras

Sanskrit is an ancient and sacred language that some linguists have described as the “perfect language”. The pronunciation evokes a unique vibration in the Universe, putting in motion whatever you’re looking to manifest.

  1. “OM”: The sound of the universe.

Pronounced ( Awe – oo – mmmm) when chanted it vibrates at 432 Hz which is the same frequencies found everywhere throughout nature! So by chanting “ommmmmm” we’re acknowledging and connecting with all living beings, nature and the universe itself!

   2.“Om Namah Shivaya”: “I honor the divinity within myself”

This is one of the most powerful ancient mantras, and it has been said, that regular practice of it will bring you closer to the divine nature within yourself

   3. “Lokah Samastah Sukinoh Bhavantu”:  “May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”

Kindness is so gangster, why not wish happiness and love for all people? You may be surprised by how much wishing wellness and prosperity on others can bring back to you in turn.

So now that you have done your research, and discovered which mantra works for you, give it a try! Grab your mala or sacred jewelry, your favorite candle and get comfy. When you first begin to meditate with your mantra notice how you feel. Does it create positive physical sensations, emotions or a state of being? Do you feel empowered? Every soul vibrates at different frequencies so not every mantra will work for everyone. Be patient in finding what is right for you.

Meditating with mantras is a spiritual practice, and just like anything, time and dedication are key you your success. Whether you create your own unique mantra or feel inspired to use a traditional sanskrit one, make sure you take the time to sit, be still, travel within and confirm with the universe the intention you are looking to manifest

Do you meditate with a mantra? Where did you get yours?

Feel free to share your mantra experiences in the comments below.

What is Sacred Geometry?


Sacred Geometry has been around for thousands of years and is recognized in cultures around the world. We’ve compiled a brief explanation on the Seed of Life, Flower of Life and Sri Yantra  and how it can bring you closer to aligning your soul to your higher self.

Happy manifesting- xx


How to Choose your Mala Beads

One of the most common questions from our Tiny Devotions tribe is “How on Earth are you supposed to pick between all of these beautiful malas?

{sidenote: to any newbies reading this, “mala” is the slang or short form for mala beads}

Ok, back to helping you choose! We hear this story all the time. Your meditation practice is developing, your spiritual awareness is growing, and you’ve decided that a set of mala beads could be the tool that takes your growth to the next level. The question is…which mala?

We get it. You’ve hit a roadblock of decision fatigue, FOMO (fear of missing out on “the one” soulmate mala) and you don’t know where to go from here…

You might be wondering, do you choose by what gemstone you’re drawn to? Colors you love? Shapes you’re attracted to? Or just by the intention that you’re trying to manifest?  

The good news is, there really isn’t a wrong answer here. You can choose a mala by any one or all of these aspects. To help you make it over the hump of mala indecision, here are some factors to consider on your journey to finding the perfect mala for you right now:


One approach to choosing the perfect set of mala beads is letting your intuition guide you. You know that gut feeling you get when you just know. That’s the best feeling in the world, because your inner voice is coming through loud and clear. When you hear this voice, LISTEN, it’s your intuition talking!  

Here are some questions to ask yourself to tap into your intuition when choosing a mala:

What was the first mala you were drawn to? This is most likely the perfect one for you! Never doubt your magic.

What set of mala beads can you just not get out of your head? This could be a sign that this is your best choice!  


Another key element in choosing your mala is connecting it to the intention(s) that you are looking to manifest.

Your intention is personal to your journey and only you can decide the goals you are working to accomplish. You may be looking to attract more abundance, find a soul mate or live a more calm and balanced life.

Ask yourself questions like:

What do I want to create in my life?
What am I working on professionally, emotionally or spiritually?
What am I struggling with or challenged by?

If you aren’t clear on your intention, these questions should help guide you.

But you might be wondering how your intention relates to mala beads? One of the coolest things about mala beads are their metaphysical properties. Everything is made up of energy and vibration and the sacred materials we use are no different.

  • Gemstones and Crystals: Our mala beads are made with semi-precious gemstones and crystals that  each have their own individual vibrations. So if your intention is to find more love, that aligns to an energy of a specific gemstones (ie. rose quartz in this instance). There are so many possibilities with intentions and gemstones (Check out our crystal guide for more deets).  When this energy aligns with your intention it amplifies and supports you in manifesting your desires!   
  • Sacred Materials: Similar to crystals, our sacred base materials including: Rudraksha seeds, Sandalwood + Rosewood are all believed to have their own unique healing properties.  Sandalwood is believed to have calming and meditative qualities, rudraksha seeds are believed to be healing and rosewood is believed to have protective qualities.

There is real power in physically wearing your intention by rocking mala beads each day. It makes your goal(s) feel tangible at every moment. Each time you catch a glimpse of your mala, feel its weight on your chest, or absentmindedly play with it, you are reminded to stay focused on your chosen path and connect with your intention.


Finally, beauty is a key element to choosing the perfect mala beads for you. We believe that things that you are drawn to are integral in your healing. Whether it’s a beautiful landscape, a cute animal or a gorgeous mala. Surrounding yourself with beautiful and uplifting things is powerful.

  • Color: The colors we are drawn to tell us a lot about our inner world. It’s believed that certain colors are therapeutic and can contribute to our healing. There are so many colors in the world and each person has different colors they are individually drawn to – honor that.

Some things to consider:

What’s your favourite color?
Which colors give you a sense of calm or burst of energy?
What is your favourite room in your home? What color is it?
What colors do you like wearing the most?  

Take a moment to look around your most sacred environments and your most treasured belongings and figure out why you love them so much. Is there a trend with color?

  • Shape: Most of our mala beads, with the exception of tassel malas, have guru stones, or the 109th bead on them. There are a variety of different shapes of these key larger stones. Find a mala with a shape that you connect with like oval, pear or nugget. Or maybe you prefer tassels for their length and  flow of movement.

The bottom line is that shapes are sacred and important. Have you ever heard of sacred geometry? There are sacred universal patterns made up of interlocking shapes used in the design of nearly everything in our reality.

Selecting a mala is the perfect time to slow down and enjoy some personal reflection. We suggest lighting some candles, putting on your favourite album, comfiest clothes, and getting cozy in your favourite space.  Block out the distractions from the rest of the world, and really bring your focus inwards.

Try writing down your goals, struggles, dreams and intentions to see if there is a common thread. Often your subconscious has already started pushing you in the direction you want to be travelling, stop fighting it and listen!

Most importantly,  whether you choose your mala based on your intuition, the intention of the gemstones, crystals and sacred materials, or by how beautiful you find it,  remember to take your time, travel within, and be true to yourself!

If you need a little guidance, our gurus are always here to help point you in the right direction.  Reach out to us at [email protected]


New Moon Manifesting: Four Essential Oils to Help You Attract What You Want into Your Life

The New moon is a time of new beginnings and an opportunity to plant seeds for what you would like to grow in your life. We do this by setting intentions on the new moon and beginning the process of manifestation. It’s important to get clear about what you really want to create in your future and essential oils are the perfect thing to help you with this!  Because the new moon is about positive change, it is associated with optimism and taking action. All four oils embody this sentiment and can be used aromatically and topically during your new moon ritual.

Wild Orange:  Known as the oil of “abundance”, Wild Orange is an uplifting citrus oil that inspires good fortune. We all want more abundance in our life whether it comes in the form of more love, time or wealth. When we are beginning the process of manifesting on the new moon, it is important to come from a place of abundance and not from a place of scarcity. Wild Orange helps us to release any beliefs around lack that can come in the form of fear, anxiety or perfectionism. As we let go of these thought patterns we tune into an abundant vibration which allows us to receive throughout the rest of the moon cycle. You can use Wild Orange on your diffuser mala while setting your intentions and/or place a drop on the paper you are writing the intentions on.

Encouraging Blend: This blend of citrus and mint oils (peppermint, clementine, coriander, Basil, Melissa) is the ideal blend to motivate you to sit down and get clear about what intentions and goals you want to set for the month ahead and the future. The universe is much quicker to respond to what we want to manifest when we are crystal clear about our desires and dreams. Taking the time to really think about what you want to call in to your life is the perfect activity do with a drop of this blend on your heart chakra or on a diffuser bracelet. This blend is also known for helping you to reconnect with your desire to serve others and align with your larger purpose.

FullSizeRender (15)Lavender: Thought of as the oil of “communication,” Lavender helps us clearly speak of our needs and wants. As we connect to our deepest desires on the new moon, lavender supports us in clearly communicating this with the universe. It allows us to connect honestly with our emotions and thoughts that we may be resisting. Any possible fears we have about our dreams and goals can be brought to the surface and released with lavender.   A drop of this oil on your throat chakra or on your mala necklace is perfect to make a part of your new moon ritual.  

Clary Sage: Widely accepted as the oil of “clarity,” Clary Sage aids us in changing our perceptions and allows to see what is really in front of us. When we use clary sage on the new moon we become open to new ideas and experiences. As we begin to set intentions on the new moon and think about what we want to see and feel in the future this oil helps us expand our vision and think big. Any blocks we have dissipate and we become open to all the possibilities.  A drop of Clary Sage is ideal for your third eye chakra or in a diffuser.   

What do you want to manifest this month? Grab your favorite oil and set aside some time to write your intentions, dreams and goals down!


Jessica is a Canadian therapist, children’s yoga teacher, essential oil educator and mother of two. Her mission is to empower women to become the healers of their homes and take control of their healing with essential oils! Jessica leads an international team of over 700 women who share this mission. She and her oil girl gang teach classes around the world to teach people how to use essential oils to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Join her on Instagram (@lightandlotus) for daily inspiration!
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The Power of the Full Moon: Four Essential Oils to help you Let Go

Every full moon we have the beautiful opportunity to release what no longer serves us! This can be in the form of releasing energy, limiting beliefs, fears, old habits and even relationships. When we engage in this process of letting go we can make room for new blessings and abundance in all forms.  Essential oils can both assist and enhance this practice when we choose an oil that has specific healing properties. All four oils can be used topically or aromatically depending on your preference.  Topically you may put a drop wherever you feel called to; Ideal places are the wrists, heart chakra and third eye chakra (forehead). Aromatically you can place a drop of oil on your diffuser mala or bracelet (so the scent is carried with you throughout the day) or in a diffuser.

Lemongrass:  Known as the oil of “cleansing” lemongrass is a powerful and effective cleanser of any energies that no longer aids in our expansion. When we use lemongrass on the full moon it helps us let go of old belief systems and any negative energy we may have accumulated from others or situations. We can also use lemongrass oil to cleanse the energy of any physical space such as a house or office. This can be done on its own through a diffuser or diffuser necklace and/or in combinaimage1tion with the burning of sage. Lemongrass is an uplifting and joyous citrus oil making it an ideal oil to help you tune in to what energies no longer match this vibration.  

Cypress: As the oil of “flow”, cypress is the perfect oil to release any stagnant energy or relationships on the full moon. Cypress helps to create energetic flow and emotional purification. When we use cypress during a full moon either a drop on our heart chakra or a drop on our diffuser mala we begin to let go of the past and move forward with the flow of life. A flow of joy and wellbeing always exists within the universe- it is up to us to decide if we want to flow with it or go against it. Cypress has a very invigorating and fresh aroma which leaves us feeling refreshed and reenergized after the full moon.

Frankincense: Widely known as the oil of “spiritual truth” Frankincense assists us in removing any low vibe or false components in our lives. This can mean letting go of toxic relationships, negative situations or an uninspiring job. This oil creates a spiritual opening within us to create new perspectives based on truth and light. You can anoint yourself with a drop of frankincense on your third eye chakra (forehead) or a diffuser bracelet. Frankincense is both grounding and protective, with an earthy aroma, making it a beautiful oil to include in your full moon ritual and beyond.

Thyme: Revered as the oil of “releasing and forgiving,” Thyme is a significant cleanser of the emotional body making it ideal for the full moon. This oil can help us to deal with feelings that have been stuck for some time as it goes deep within our soul to cleanse any unresolved issues. When we use thyme in our full moon ritual we begin to open our heart and experience forgiveness and love towards others and from this we are able to find peace. With its spicy and warm smell, it’s a comforting oil that is a great addition to any full moon ritual.

What are you ready to release this full moon to make space for ? Which oil do you resonate the most with? Start with that one!


Jessica is a Canadian therapist, children’s yoga teacher, essential oil educator and mother of two. Her mission is to empower women to become the healers of their homes and take control of their healing with essential oils! Jessica leads an international team of over 700 women who share this mission. She and her oil girl gang teach classes around the world to teach people how to use essential oils to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Join her on Instagram (@lightandlotus) for daily inspiration!
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What Mindfulness Helps You Prevent

Losing Your Sense of Purpose

The more mindful you are, the more adept you will be at maintaining awareness of what’s most important to you. Keeping your attention and focus on the present moment helps prevent fear, doubt and worry from creeping into your psyche. Becoming consumed with periods of time that are not happening now (past + future) can be a destructive way of thinking because those thoughts are often worrisome, regretful or fearful in nature.

While It is instinctive and healthy to be inspired and motivated by the past or future, it’s helpful long-term to actively cultivate your capacity to redirect your attention to right now.

Living in each and every present moment encourages your connection with the fulfilling feeling of living a purposeful life. It allows you to tap into your full potential and all that you have to contribute, versus robbing your potential by having your attention elsewhere.

Depression (Including postpartum)

Similar in nature to losing your sense of purpose is experiencing depression. A quick route to depression is to constantly wish your life would have gone differently or that there’s no hope for the future.

Staying mindful will help you engineer habits that serve your overall positive self-feeling. Participating in activities (daily) that make you feel alive and empowered will serve as a motor away from depression and negative thoughts.

For instance, if you love running and you know it leaves you feeling good, then make it a point to run every day. The same idea could apply to anything that makes to feel alive; whether it’s painting, making time for family and friends or practicing photography.

Dysfunctional Relationships

Many dysfunctional relationships stem from an underlying sense of unfulfillment with one or both individuals involved. Going through traumatic events leads some individuals to “take out” their frustrations or trust issues on their significant other; when a more restorative route is to work on healing yourself before you look to someone else for that fulfillment.

If you have experienced a string of dysfunctional relationships in your life, it’s worth entertaining the idea that you need to invest more time looking inside for that fulfillment that you’re seeking, instead of searching for it outside of you.

Emotional Eating

There are a multitude of ways that people choose to mask pain, hurt or disappointment that they have experienced in their life. Some choose substances like drugs or alcohol, while others simply look to food. The problem is not eating in itself, rather it’s when eating is happening and the purpose is not to fuel the body properly.

Many emotional eating habits are brought on by a focus on negative thoughts. Staying present and mindful of the good in each second can prevent you from going down that path of thinking, which can alter or eliminate those destructive eating patterns.



Jesica Cockerham

Fitness Professional + Competitive Crossfitter + Blogger

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Life on Purpose

Do you ever have those days where you wake up in the morning, blink, and then all of the sudden it’s night time and you’re back in bed, tucked in and ready to turn out the light? Yeah, me too. In fact, I’ve had weeks—sometimes I swear even months—where autopilot takes over and I have a hard time remembering what I did the previous week, let alone what I ate for breakfast earlier that day. It’s hard to distinguish one period of time from another, and everything starts to blend together into one mediocre blob. Autopilot happens when we let habit take the wheel. Instead of actively participating in our lives, we let old ways of thinking and doing auto fill our days.

The best way to combat autopilot, or existing out-of-habit, is with intent. When we are mindful about who we want to attract, what we want to manifest and create, and we infuse purpose into even the smallest acts, we begin to live on purpose. And living on purpose feels so damn good. Don’t you agree?

When we are intentional about how we show up in our day-to-day lives, we can’t help but be present. Intention and presence invite big belly laughs, real connection, joy, a sense of purpose, bliss, creativity, mischief (in only the best way, of course), innovation, adventure, and so much more into our worlds. And living in the moment is where the magic happens, baby. There is nothing more precious than fully showing up—mind, body and spirit—for others. Our attention is the most precious gift with can give others, and for that matter, ourselves.

So, how do we set intentions to begin living on purpose? I always start by asking questions and getting curious about where I’ve been, where I am now, and where I want to go. Here is a list of questions I ask myself when I need to ground myself and refocus on living intentionally (try journaling!):

What am I grateful for? (Name 3 things…or more!)

Gratitude changes everything and helps to crush our feelings of scarcity, allowing us to appreciate what we already have and the incredible humans that we surround ourselves with.

What are my core values? (What I really believe in.)

Think of core values as your compass that keeps you moving in the direction of your own true north. Not sure how to figure out your CVs? Check out Rock Your Bliss’s 7 Weeks to Bliss Program to help you create your compass and get intentional about living.

In what areas of my life can I shift habit into ritual?

In the book Yoga Wisdom, a ritual is defined as: an action that we consciously choose to repeat with awareness and intentionality. Rituals create and hold meaning – they help us to appreciate and focus on the richest, most beautiful things in our lives.

What is working for me right now? What isn’t?

When we identify the things in our lives that aren’t adding value or bringing joy into our lives, it can give us insight that will help us to clear our space to make way for things that truly make us happy.

What are my goals? What is the vision for my life in X number of years?

Vision and goals are tools we can use to quantify what we are working towards in our lives. Helpful reminder: As we learn, grow, and evolve, allowing our vision and goals to do the same keeps them fun and exciting rather than restricting and feeling like ‘shoulds’.

What are my three intentions for the month? If looking at an entire month is a little overwhelming, try setting an intention for a week or even a day.

This is a little exercise I picked up on from the badass goal boss, Jacki Carr. If three intentions for the month seems daunting, break it down into smaller periods of time or focus on one or two intentions you would like to focus on.

Cheers to living more mindful, intentional, purposeful lives.


Jenna is a yoga teacher, writer, and brand builder on a mission to fuel her life with purpose and to explore the world. She was raised in Minnesota but considers Colorado her home away from home. Currently, you can find her in Minneapolis, where she is creating the life she has always dreamed of.

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Focus On the Little Things and You’ll Accomplish the Big Things

Often we get caught up in big ideas and grand gestures to make an impact on someone or something, when in reality it’s the little things that make a difference. Whether we are talking about our daily habits, being of service, contributing to a larger task or trying to solve a global crisis, our smallest actions will always be the most meaningful.

We all know that our lives are built on our habits; the small, repeated actions that we do on a daily basis. We often forget that in order to accomplish most things in our lives, it’s always the little things that make the biggest difference.

Gratitude habits are built on small, seemingly insignificant actions. Compounded over time, these small habits eventually change our way of thinking and in fact do change our lives.
What are some of the ways that we can make a difference today by focusing on the little things?

1. Look for opportunities to be of service to others. There are times when helping someone else would only take a few moments of our time, yet we are so caught in being busy that we’ll brush them off and tell them we’ll help later. Later never actually comes, and often they are left doing the task alone.

2. Do it now. If you’ve got a small task in front of you, one that would take less than 5 minutes, do it now. For example, you’ve just seen an email come through and you know that replying would only take a moment, do it now and get it over with instead of letting your inbox fill up. Another great way to manage email is to only open it a few times per day and deal with all of it once. Still a small task, as long as you do it on a regular basis.

3. Take a few extra moments to hug your family and tell them you love them. Make a point to look them in the eye for a bit longer than you normally would. Spend just a little more time showing your affection. Every day we read about those who have lost loved ones unexpectedly. Don’t miss the moment to say I love you daily.

4. Make a small donation to your favorite charity or maybe support a different charity than you have before. Every little bit helps! You may think that your $5 isn’t going to make any difference but for a family in need, that could mean a day’s worth of meals.

5. Add one new gratitude habit today. My favorite is to wake up with gratitude. Or something as simple as giving thanks before a meal. You could also practice saying thank you when you walk up and down stairs.

6. Pray. Never underestimate the power of prayer. Prayer doesn’t take much time and it has a lot of power when done regularly throughout your day. I pray to give thanks to God as a part of my day, several times a day.

7. Pick it up. Often when we look at the mess or clutter around our homes, it seems overwhelming and too big of a task to handle. One little thing we can do it is to simply pick up things off the floor as we walk by them (just one thing at a time) and put it away in its proper place. If it doesn’t have a place, that’s a whole other task that may not fall into the category of little things. Choose to take a moment to schedule time for a proper clean up and sort, if needed.

8. Give it away. There are so many things we can give away for free: our smile, kind words, gratitude, love, friendship and praise. We can also give away one item that no longer serves us. Do this daily and it could be really beneficial to someone else. Again, it’s a little thing that over time would make a big difference in reducing clutter and helping others.

9. Make one extra call. If you’re in business, you likely have a list of clients or prospects to connect with daily or weekly. Today, make one extra call. That one extra call could be the one that makes a difference both for you and the client.

10. Remember to breathe. Stop for a moment, at least once or twice a day to breathe deeply and be present. It doesn’t take long and it will shift your energy immediately. Take a few extra moments for a short meditation or yoga session. Five minutes per day will make a difference, compounded over time.

Keep it simple and do only one of these today. If you can do more, great! Remember that in order to create the big things in our lives, we’ve got to focus on the small things every day.

Julie Boyer’s mission in life is to inspire people to build their lives on a foundation of gratitude through her brand, Wake Up With Gratitude™. Julie’s first book, 30 Days of Gratitude, The Gratitude Program That Will Change Your Life, became an Amazon bestseller when it was released in May 2013. She is also the founder of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox Program, a healthy, whole food detox that nourishes your body at the cellular level. Julie also loves to mentor and develop leaders through her mentorship program as well. A former triathlete, Julie has completed 3 full Ironman Distance triathlons. Julie lives in Ontario, Canada with her 6 year old daughter and husband Dan. She can be reached on her blogInstagramTwitter and Facebook.



A remarkable full moon is coming up on June 9th, exactly at 9:10 am EDT.

It occurs on the same day, within the same hour, of the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, turning stationary direct.

We can expect a significant energetic shift activated by this full moon in truth-seeking and adventurous Sagittarius.

The key themes are truth, expansion, and collaboration.

Here’s how we can work in alignment with the energies of this full moon:

    1. Connect with your purpose and big “why”. Once your highest vision is made crystal clear in your mind during this full moon, make sure that what you feel in your body feels good in your heart as you envision it. If there is no emotion or no connection sensed, seek a new image in your inner eye until you receive the aligned vision AND the sensation of what you are here to create and experience. It will feel exciting, expansive, delicious or light (e.g. like a relief) in your body. Then, tune into this expansive feeling for a few moments, breathe it all in, and allow all levels of your being to experience this as a new reality.
    2. Increase your reach. It’s a fantastic week to reach 3 times further and to connect with like-hearted communities and exciting collaborators. For example, share your blog or video in 3 new groups, or engage with 3 influencers that you appreciate. The energy of this full moon and stationary Jupiter can help you amplify your inspiring message many times.
    3. Spruce up your sacred space or your 2017 vision board (we are exactly halfway through the year now – yay!) or look for one new inspired visual that holds the vibration or intention of what you are looking to create this year in a bigger way. It can also be a new crystal or a sacred item that carries high-vibrational energy for you. Let it help you connect with the energy of expansion and self-belief on this highly-activating full moon.
    4. Embrace a new community. This full moon has the power of bringing communities, destined partners, and allies who share a common purpose together, even if they come from diverse paths. With Venus and Mars in a harmonious aspect, and Jupiter stationary in social and partner-oriented Libra, we are invited to expand our beliefs around the meaning and value of teamwork, contribution, and commitment in partnerships. To choose to work together even when we are not ready to fully trust or surrender to the unknown. There is a mystical quality to trusting our team, partner, and universe during this time, becoming acutely aware of that one excuse that can divert us from the path and still take a big leap forward (Jupiter quincunx Neptune).
    5. Release, release to feel lighter on this full moon. Remember to do some releasing work. The full moon is exact at 9:10 am EDT (Eastern Time Zone) on June 9th, however, there will also be a very helpful alignment in the evening hours to help you tune in to the energy of emotional freedom and release what’s holding you back (the Moon aligns with the highly-potent Galactic Centre and Saturn as it approaches a trine with liberating Uranus exactly 12 hours later). The “when” and the “how” of the releasing ritual are not as critical. It is your intention to release that is most important (i.e. all energies, thoughts, emotions that no longer support your joyous expansion).


_MG_6727_Milada Sakic_450 x 450Milada Sakic, business astrologer, energy healer, and holistic wellness teacher, helps healers and highly-creative visionaries live on purpose and fully embrace their own intuitive healing gifts in order to create an energy-vibrant lifestyle and a heart-centered business they adore.

Milada is teaching Astrology for Business, Holistic Wellness with Essential Oils, as well as the soul-level healing modality, Akashic Records – The Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification Program. Her Karmic Astrology 101 online group course is coming up on June 20th.



How to Cultivate Meaningful Friendships

True friendship takes a lot of work, despite the effort and dedication, your relationships with your best friends are some of the most important connections you’ll ever have. June 8th is National Best Friends Day and what better way to mark the occasion that ensuring you and your besties continue to connect on a deep and meaningful level! Here are 8 lessons to cultivating meaningful friendships.

          1. Pencil them in: In Bronnie Ware’s best selling book “The Top 5 regrets of the Dying”, she states that the fourth biggest regret that people have on their deathbeds is “I wish I would have spent more time with my friends.” Spending quality time with your best friends, no matter how busy you get is important to ensure a life of deep meaning and happiness. Even if you can only see your friends once a month make sure to carve out in person time for them and make it a top priority. That means no last minute bailing, rescheduling or postponing if you can.
        1. Stay in touch: This might seem like an easy one, but simply “liking” a friend’s status or commenting on Instagram is not the same thing as checking in on your friends and what’s happening in their lives. Get in touch the old fashioned way – by talking. Call them on the phone or send a letter every once and awhile to stay connected.
        1. Be grateful: True friends are hard to come by and having someone spend their time on you, especially as responsibilities start to add up is a blessing. Make sure you acknowledge that. Practice gratitude for your friends and express it! It can be as big as helping with a move, a gift, or as simple as a “hey friend, you mean the world to me” text message.
        1. Be an Active Listener: Think back to the last time you were upset, wouldn’t it have been nice to have someone just listen- advice free? When your friends are upset listen to everything they have to say before speaking, ask questions, and if you really want to offer some advice, ask first if they’re open to receiving it and if they’re not- drop it and listen advice free.
        1. Forgive and be kind: Practise forgiveness when your friends falter, give forgiveness to yourself when you do the same and be mindful about your friend’s intentions when they let you down. Remember that no person is perfect and we all have bad days and try our best. Let go of grudges and treat your friends with the kindness you’d wish to receive from them.
        1. Set loving boundaries and own up to your stuff: In order to have a healthy relationships with your pals it’s important that you set loving, honest boundaries. If your friends hurt your feelings or treat you in a way that bothers you, you need to gently tell them how they’ve made you feel and request they not do it again. Remember boundaries are there to ensure everyone feels understood and respected. A good friend will respect your boundaries once you express them. That being said, be respectful of your friends’ boundaries as well when they lay them out.
        1. Your vibe attracts your tribe: Making sure that you practice healthy habits mind body and soul will attract like minded individuals and inspire your friends to take care of themselves too. Take care of yourself and you’ll inspire others to do the same.
      1. Celebrate your friends: Host a girls only night, buy each other flowers, make a big deal of Birthdays and Anniversaries, take a class together, go on a trip, and encourage each other to share victories and wins. Make time to laugh, and celebrate this miraculous thing we call life together!

Lauren Schell is a writer, producer and believer in miracles and magic. Dedicated to cultivating deep meaning & purpose, she hopes to inspire others to tune into their inner guidance and practice self-care in all areas of live. Her passions include yoga, meditation, paddleboarding, painting and spending time with her Love.






How to Use Affirmations to Raise Your Vibration

One of the fastest ways to breathe new and miraculous energy into your life is to use the power of affirmations. They truly work wonders and can radically lift you up from having issues with worthiness, fear or limitation to shining your inner light a whole lot brighter.

Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat over and over again in order to imprint your subconscious mind. They are usually words that trigger an emotional reaction or response within you that brings up the healing that needs to take place. There will almost always be resistance that will appear in order to challenge you. This is a natural and perfectly normal part of the process. Your job is to see beyond the “monkey mind’ and keep moving forward regardless.

Keep in mind that using the power of affirmations are not magic beans, band-aid solutions or a clever way to trick the Universe into thinking that you have everything figured out. Affirmations will not work unless you are willing to dive into the emotional work that needs to be done and be truly HONEST about where you’re at.

The resistance we feel rise within us is an excellent opportunity to do some powerful inner spiritual work.
How affirmations work is that words that inspire, empower and excite you have the power to override the current programming you have in your mind and help to form new beliefs which in turn will help to shift the landscape of your current reality. You’re essentially raising your vibration and increasing the positive energy of your soul’s frequency.

Affirmations are a method to bring about newfound change in your life through the process of repetition. The idea is that you find an empowering affirmation that you resonate with within your heart and either write it out or place a printed copy somewhere in your constant awareness. It could be on the bathroom mirror, the corner of your computer screen or in a little pocket in your purse. Every time you see the affirmation you, repeat (or imprint) the affirmation over and over again until it sticks to your soul. You also need to feel the feeling the affirmation will give you.

Let’s try a little exercise together…

I want you to use the affirmation I AM WORTHY.
Say it now, (silently). Say it again. Notice how you feel and round up the negative feelings or itty bitty feelings of resistance and imagine yourself throwing them out because they no longer serve you. I AM WORTHY.

How to deal with doubt
Once you start to use affirmations, you will notice that the better you get at decluttering the icky feelings as they arise the stronger your resolve will be.

The secret to truly mastering affirmations:
The Universe cannot differentiate between what is happening in the physical realm, or what is happening and being imprinted in the spiritual realm. When you use your affirmation as if it has already happened, then you strengthen your manifesting power. So if you truly want to change and heal your life then make sure you are showing gratitude to the Universe as if it has already happened and you are already living it.

sarah-prout-authorABOUT SARAH PROUT
Sarah Prout is a bestselling author, award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, devoted wife, mother of four beautiful children and creator of The Manifesting Academy.  She has been teaching the art of metaphysics and manifesting for over a decade. Sarah now inspires millions of people around the world to tune into their infinite potential and manifest a life they love.


Gemini New Moon - Let Go and Grow

New Moon Gemini: Let it Go, and Grow!

The World is a beautiful playground where you get to Play and Create as you wish to! Though, on the odd occasion Life may usher in a serving of lemons! So what is the best thing to do when life serves you lemons? My suggestion is to make a tantalizing Lemon Spritzer, and then sink into Surrender while sipping your spritzer!

Life is here for us to Grow! Grow in ways that we may not know! And each of the Lemons served to us, is perfectly aligned with learning how to embrace Life at its absolute best.

So in those times when Life serves you ups, down, parallels and reverses, with all kinds of movements that take you round and round, know, that the Universe is lovingly trying to teach you. When you are in the midst of a teaching, it is then where you need to dig deeply into your heart, so that you may continue to move forward and upwards.

The real question here is, how do you do this?

Well… I may not know all the answers, but I can share some light, and some interesting tips to support you through the excursion of Life!

Let’s take a step back and examine Life, and the Rhythms and Cycles of living on this planet. With this vantage point of stepping back and looking at Life, you shall notice that there is a definite Rhythm to the Universe.

And, then you may notice that you have your own personal Rhythm too. And, like every other human you may feel that your Rhythm is perfect. And, yes it is! You are perfect in every way!

However, imagine that you could align your Rhythm with the Universal Rhythm. That you could literally attune yourself to this Universal Rhythm; so that you can walk step-in-step with the Universe, versus feeling yourself being dragged along by some tether, which seems to have no rhythm or rhyme at all.

So, how do you gather your wits about yourself and tune into this Universal Rhythm? Well, first you need to realize that the Universe is working with you, and not against you. That the Universe, in fact, is attempting to guide you. When you realize this fact, and pay attention to the cycles presented to you, you will see that you can step onto the cosmic ebb and flow.

Your next question may be, “Well, how do I see, feel, or attune to this Rhythm?” I will share with you my experience in attuning to the Universal Cycles, so that you too may be able to step onto the Wave that is coaxing you into your own personal and unique realization.

Firstly, if you simply recognize that the Universe has a Rhythm, it awakens you consciously to this phenomena.

Secondly, acknowledging for yourself that you are ready to attune to the Universal Rhythms, will then already begin the attunement process.

Thirdly, now this is where you have to truly look at yourself in the mirror, and say out aloud, “I choose to surrender to the flow of the Universe!” Seeing yourself vocalize your surrender, you begin to reinforce the process of letting go of your attachments, and also to what you feel life should be like. In a way you are allowing your ego to surrender.

Fourthly, make this is a daily practice of finding time to listen to the Universe. Be prepared to spend a few minutes a day either in meditation, or simply being still (yes, without your phone or any other distractions). This allows you to “feel into the Universal Rhythm”.

Fifthly, re-instate your intention daily that you are surrendering to the Universal Rhythm, and that you are happy to do so.

Sixthly, every evening let go of your day! Take time before bed to honor yourself and let go of the day. So that no matter what occurred, you can allow yourself to rest well.

Seventhly, start each day with a smile! Consciously look for the beauty in the World. This will help keep you pepped up.

Eighthly, repeat all these steps often, and frequently!

Know in your heart that the Universe is here to support you, and that you are truly being shown the way to step into your fullest potential. When you align your heart and mind with this mindset, the World around you will begin to shift into a World of new possibilities.

I fully believe that when you choose to work with the Universe, the Universe 100% chooses to work with you! I also, and fully, believe that having a daily practice of tuning into the Universe will help pave the Way forward and upwards!

Each of you are powerful in your own personal and unique way! Start seeing yourself as that, and let go into the Flow of the Universal Rhythm. It is a dance of being in Rhythm daily. It will allow you to forge forward on creating the outcomes and potentials you are so dedicated to bringing towards yourself.

Honour yourself daily, as you step forward into the Flow and Rhythm of the Universe!

With Infinite Love Always,
Belinda Pearl

Let Belinda Pearl inspire you to new heights of awareness in a personal one-on-one Soul Session, book your session today!


belindapearl - full moon scorpio - she believed so she did

She Believed… so she did!

When you awaken to the All Mighty presence within you, you realize that YOU are not just a human being, but a Spiritual Being. And being a Spiritual Being, we can tap into an infinite resource of Source energies that will fuel us upon an evolutionary cycle of living life Attuned to All possibilities.

Our greatest strength is not just our Will Power, rather it is when our Will Power taps into the Infinite Source that energy is created to fuel us in our everyday life!

So, how do we tap into this Infinite Source power? Well, there are many tales passed down by the great Seers that share light on how to purposely utilize the Universal energies that surround us everyday.

In my honest opinion, tapping in and fueling the Self is fairly easy. One, it requires a necessary desire to want to tap in, and two, a deep desire to continue to be connected to this infinite supply.

Today, I will share with you a few of the theories or methods that I have have learned along the way. Allow me share with you a quick story of how I have utilized and embodied source energy.

What seems like many eons ago, the Universe pointed me to a task that was seemingly greater than my worldly resources. Since the idea was presented to me by the Universe, I decided that there was a greater reason for me to follow through. However, the journey required financial and mental resources that seemed beyond my capabilities.

Each day, through this journey I simply asked to be guided, and I promised the Universe that I would follow through on anything that was given to me that would help me accomplish the entire journey.

As I set forth, little did I know that the Universe did endeavour to help me out. Each time a major step presented itself to me, amazingly, the Universe provided the right person or resource to help me take action. And, at times when my own energy or motivation waned; the Universe provided a little, or sometimes a large nudge to put me back on track!

In the end, all that seemed so much greater than myself or my resources was accomplished “quite easily”.

I acknowledge that I was supported throughout my entire journey of being a very lucky recipient of a very sort after gift. I basically won my green card in the green card lottery. I give all the credit to the Universe, and also to me absolutely believing in myself, and the process, by continuing to have faith and in following through on each piece of the puzzle. Because of my faith, the Universe ensured my success; even when others were naysayers to this journey.

Now, back to this present moment. The question I present to you is; what is it that you are creating for yourself or wish to create?

First take a moment to reflect. Then, be very clear about your intention, as the Universe listens to every word, and even to how you send out your intention.

Once you are clear on what you wish to create, follow the steps below.

  1. Step one, believe YOU can do it.
  2. Step two, ask for assistance. Not just from the Universe but, also from the World.
  3. Step three, give yourself the time to create. Have patience! All good things come at the right time. Divine timing is truth!
  4. Step four, ensure that everyday while on your path, that you give energy towards creating your desire.
  5. Step five, meditate! Meditation helps you open up to receive guidance.
  6. Step six, have unwavering faith! Believe in the process, if it is meant to be, it will be. If it is not, that means there is something else that is more important!
  7. Step seven, be detached from the outcome. How your desire may manifest, may look different to what you expect.
  8. Step eight, repeat steps one through seven daily!

Ok! In my mind and heart I believe that when something is meant to be ours, it will. Do not compare yourself to others. Hold your unique essence as a valuable commodity. And know that the Universe is your friend – ready, willing, and able to assist you always!

All things come to us if we hold faith and believe in ourselves!

Believing in yourself gives you the space to truly co-create with this great Universe.

From my heart to yours.
Go forth and create!

Belinda Pearl

Let me guide you on a journey of realizing your potential by booking a Soul Session with Belinda Pearl today!

Join us live on our Tiny Devotions Facebook, Wednesday May 10th 9AM PST (12pm EST) with Belinda Pearl as we celebrate the Full Moon in Scorpio. 


How To Raise Your Vibration With Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations we can feel, along with love, freedom and empowerment. Starting your day with thoughts of gratitude can set the tone for the day. What are your first thought when you awaken? Whatever you start your day with is how your day in going to unfold, so choose wisely.

Here are some of my favorite ways to raise our vibration:

First, start your day with gratitude, love and peace.  Start your day in communion with Spirit, God or the Universe. Ask for guidance in your day. Give thanks for this gift of another day. Pray for those who are hurting and suffering. And commit to being of service to others today. Taking a few minutes every day to wake up with gratitude will immediately raise your vibration and allow for more miracles in your life.

Second, shift your focus. Instead of judgement, choose understanding. Instead of blaming, choose kindness. Instead of dislike or hatred, choose unconditional (that means without conditions) LOVE. Instead of frustration or anger, choose forgiveness. Instead of disappointment, choose gratitude. When we remember that everyone is doing the best they can in any given situation, it’s easier to shift our feelings to a higher vibration.

Third, spend some time in nature. Walk with gratitude and give thanks for the incredible miracles that surround you. Breathe deeply and slow down to observe the beauty around you. Allow yourself to release tension and move with ease. Enjoy a dance in the rain! Close your eyes and look up towards the sun to feel the power and heat on your face. Stop to literally smell the roses and all of the other beautiful smells of spring.

Fourth, release the past. Forgiveness is one of the keys to raising our vibration and we can use gratitude as a part of this process. First we acknowledge that the past is no longer serving us. Second, we release the past and give thanks for the lessons we have learned. And finally, we ask for forgiveness or grace so that we can truly move forward without the chains of the past.

And finally, know that we are all connected on an energetic level. Every human being on this planet is connected and connected to the collective consciousness of those who are no longer here. Your vibration attracts or repels others; it’s completely under your control. When you are vibrating with gratitude, you’ll naturally attract more grateful people.

To understand more of how we are all connected, I recommend listening to the audio recording, Co-Creating at Its Best: A Conversation Between Two Master Teachers, with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Abraham, as channeled by Esther Hicks. It’s PHENOMENAL. I just finished listening to the audio and I’m excited to listen again as there is so much to learn!

What will you focus on today to raise your vibration?

julie-128Julie Boyer’s mission in life is to inspire people to build their lives on a foundation of gratitude through her brand, Wake Up With Gratitude™. Julie’s first book, 30 Days of Gratitude, The Gratitude Program That Will Change Your Life, became an Amazon bestseller when it was released in May 2013. She is also the founder of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox Program, a healthy, whole food detox that nourishes your body at the cellular level. Julie also loves to mentor and develop leaders through her mentorship program as well. A former triathlete, Julie has completed 3 full Ironman Distance triathlons. Julie lives in Ontario, Canada with her 6 year old daughter and husband Dan. She can be reached on her blogInstagramTwitter and Facebook.


5 Ways to Quicken your Manifestations

So we’ve all heard about the Law of Attraction, right? Where your intention goes, energy flows. I truly believe this. The number of things I manifest each day is extraordinary. Sometimes within seconds. My friends and family know me as a bit of a Manifestation Guru. And you can do it too!

First, it is vital to begin by clarifying that in order to manifest something, you have to know what it is that you want to manifest. So the number one step to manifesting is asking yourself: What do I want? The beautiful thing about manifesting is that it can be for anything! Your love life, attracting your Soulmate, your dream job or a job promotion, your health and fitness, re-connecting with someone after years, traveling to a certain destination, or just getting to your meeting on time… the choices are endless. The intention can be obvious, like an inner sense of knowing. Sometimes it requires sitting in meditation, and listening, to receive the information or obtain further clarity on what it is you desire in order to happily move forward in your journey. Once you know what that intention is you wish to manifest, then you’re ready to create it.

Here are 5 ways to solidify your manifestations and ensure they come true for you.

1. Be clear. Be happy.

The more details, the better. Why? Because the more specific you are, the more the object or experience you desire will spark that excitement in you, since it is EXACTLY catered to you, your dreams, your unique personality and interests. Consequently, you’ll feel all that more thrilled and elated about achieving this manifestation. Once your body is in that state, your vibration rises and you are existing at a higher frequency. The higher your energetic frequency, the more comparable you are to the frequencies of Love, Happiness, Joy, Bliss, Peace, and so on. These are absolutely emitting from you (like Karma, what you put out, you get back). If you want a sure way to have your manifestation come to life rapidly and effortlessly, call it into being from a mood of Love and Acceptance.

Tip: SMILE when you think of your manifestation outcome!

2. Present Tense.

Think of your manifestation like you already have it. We often think, “I will be happier if I have this, when I accomplish this, if I reach this goal, when I land this gig…

But actually, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, this mindset puts you in an energy of lack, the opposite of abundance. If you want something and you’re reaching or searching outward for it, this automatically means that you presently don’t have it. It can also create desperation around the situation, when what we want is as effortless an acquisition as possible.

Affirm. Use words like “I am” or “I have”. Own it.

3. Visualize with all your Senses.

So once you realize what is it you know you must do to feel your best and move forward with an aliveness, with energy and purpose, close your eyes and visualize it. Incorporate all your senses into your visualization. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to just see it coming true (of course, this is a visualization after all!), but please don’t forget your other senses that you have been gifted with. In your vision, are you touching someone? If so, what does the touch of their skin feel like? How does it make you feel (tingling, excited, etc.). Does this person or environment in your vision have a certain smell? Are you outside or inside? If you’re outside, feel the air on your skin, smell the trees and flowers around you. Is there a sound present in this vision? Maybe the sound is even you jumping up and down! By the way, feel free to let out a little squeal of joy if that’s what comes up! If you are deeply visualizing and imagining your manifestation in the present, then it’ll surely produce an emotional response in you, in this moment. You have the freedom, allow yourself to express and celebrate. It may feel like a pre-celebration to you, but just remember, if you are without a doubt creating this manifestation as your reality, why not celebrate now? It’s a done deal!

4. Speak it into Being.

I notice that my manifestations that happen within 24 hours, sometimes even in a matter of moments, are the ideas that I communicate to others. Share your plans, dreams and intentions with a friend! It reaffirms to the Universe/Source/God your intention. It is often in these circumstances whereby speaking out loud to others we consequentially make discoveries about ourselves, our desires…what it is our heart really wants and needs. (Ever leave a conversation with a friend having significantly more understanding and insight on what you need to do to take your next steps, than prior to that exchange?). Human connection is a blessing, and reflecting with another always sparks any missing pieces I have in my vision. Therefore, work that throat chakra! Our voice is an extremely powerful tool. The vibration of sound is in and of itself enough to create reality. Be mindful of your words and choose them wisely.

5. BELIEVE it.

Last but not least, the manifestation will not work without this final step. If you don’t believe it, you can’t achieve it (or at least, not as quickly). When setting the intention, believe it with every cell in your body. Have confidence in yourself, and believe in your own magic. Do what it takes to remind your Self of the God or Goddess within you that carries this ability for manifestation. Personally, for me, that means connecting with my Elvish and Fairy friends (watching Lord of the Rings, using my Fairy Oracle card deck by Doreen Virtue) and surrounding myself with a community of people that view me, and value me, in this way. When you believe with all your heart, and are clear with your intention – so much so that you may realize you don’t even care how it happens, you just know it will! – you’re well on your way to being a Manifesting Queen or King. Trust, allow, and be open to observing the world beautifully unveiling itself with your Highest interest.

I’ll leave you with one thought. This world needs our help. I just watched a video with the destruction that is happening in Syria. Evidently, we seek fulfillment in our own lives, and yes, I send you blessings to manifest your personal dreams. I’ll also plant a little seed with this proven fact: we feel our best when we are being in service to others. So please, spend some time manifesting for peace, for the light in us all to override ignorance, for good to prevail, and for love to be alive and present in everyone and everything. If we can manifest anything, then collectively, let us come together and do this.

With love, and happy manifesting,



Melinda is an active pursuer of discovering the root of knowledge and the best methods that lead us on paths of discovering eternal happiness, rather than temporary. It has really been a calling of hers throughout her life to seek the oldest sources on any topic matter; spirituality, language, culture and history being of keen interest. While fulfilling her career as an Actress, Melinda actively has spent the past 5 years specifically searching and engaging herself in an abundant number of techniques from around the world for meditation, wellness and healing. She has come to find a beautiful harmony between music and Mantra Meditation, and her favourite activity is to play her harmonium instrument while singing in community Kirtans. Followed closely by her enjoyment for delicious love-infused Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free cuisine! Melinda’s mind set is one of determination and resilience for overcoming obstacles, especially out of the throttles of anxiety and depression and chronic digestive disorders. She hopes to share her story and the information she has accumulated over the years from her own, personal journey toward serving others to attain a happy and health mind, body and Spirit.

Melinda is a certified Reiki practitioner and is available for in-person or long distance healing sessions. If anyone is curious about any healing practices, feel free to reach out and Melinda is happy to guide you as best as she can.

Have fun engaging with Melinda on social media!
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Eight Essential Success Habits

What does it take to be successful? Running two successful businesses for over 11 years has taught me a lot of lessons about what it takes to succeed. Here are my top eight essential success habits.

  1. Sleep

This has been in the news a lot lately, no longer is it a badge of honour to give up sleep. Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, shares how sleep is the key to success in this Ted Talk. Aim to get to bed by 11 pm and wake up at 6 am for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. It’s also super important to turn off your devices at least 30 minutes before bed. When we are lacking good sleep, not only are we tired, but it’s more difficult to be creative and productive, which are both key factors in success.

  1. Gratitude

Your first thoughts in the morning set the tone for your day. Start your day with gratitude and a vision of your perfect day, before you even get out of bed. Give thanks for another day to be alive and to provide value to those around you. And to help you with number 1, write down 3 things you are grateful for every night before you go to sleep. This helps your subconscious mind to focus on what’s good in your life, rather than what’s wrong.

  1. Movement

Successful people keep moving. They make sure that they are not stuck sitting in front of a laptop all day long. Getting the blood flowing helps you generate more ideas and keeps you alert. A few simple things you can do: Stand when you’re talking on the phone, go for a walk & talk meeting (outside if possible), drink lots of water (more frequent bathroom breaks) or hand-write Thank-You cards and walk to the mailbox to post them. Yoga is an amazing form of movement that has benefits on a mental and spiritual level as well. I do a simple ten minute yoga routine every morning to stay limber and focused for the day ahead.

  1. Affirmations

In order to overcome all of the negative self-talk we have been programmed with, affirmations are essential for everyone. Successful people make saying daily affirmations a twice a day habit. Louise Hay has endless affirmations in her many Hay House Books and on her website. Write or type out a list of affirmations that resonate with you, the more personal they are, the more effective they will be. I shared my favorite gratitude affirmations in this blog post. The Tiny Devotions Intention Deck would also be a perfect way to inspire your daily affirmation practice!

  1. Self-Care

This is just as important as sleep. Making time to take care of yourself first is critical. In order for us to be successful business owners, parents, employees and human beings, we must take care of ourselves first. No exceptions. It is impossible to serve others if you are not in an optimal state of well-being. Self-care includes taking care of your body, your mind and your spirit. Suggestions include massage, energy work (reiki), day at the spa, attending church or other spiritual services, regular exercise, meditation and yoga, stretching, reading or other hobbies. Make sure you do at least one of these daily.

  1. Meditation

It’s really easy not to meditate. It takes time and effort to do so on a regular basis. However, more and more very successful people are choosing to find time to be still and quiet every day. Making a commitment to meditate daily can truly change your life and help you to deal more easily with unexpected challenges and difficulties that will come your way. Over the past several weeks, I have made a commitment to meditate for ten minutes a day (right before my ten minutes of yoga) each morning – including weekends. I enjoy guided meditation and have been using the Insight Timer app, which has thousands of free guided meditations and a timer if you’d prefer to meditate in silence. I’m also working on a different kind of meditation, using the Tiny Devotions Mala beads. This is a new practice for me, and I’ll share my results in a future post.

  1. Eat Whole Foods

What you put into your body is your fuel for the day. Does what you eat give you more or less energy? Are you dehydrating yourself with coffee, tea or alcohol? Do you feel good after a meal? Do you take time to eat regularly? Successful people know that creating healthy eating habits leads to more success, because when you’re properly fueled throughout your day, you are more productive. And there’s nothing better than starting your day with a fresh green juice!

  1. Have Faith

This has become the cornerstone for my personal success and the success of many of my team members. Personally, I have faith in God, and this is where I have grounded my faith. Your faith journey doesn’t have to look like mine, as long as you can find something greater than yourself to fuel your faith. This is a non-negotiable. Looking back, I can see how much easier it has been to succeed now that God is an integral part of my life. However you choose to name your source of faith is not important – what important is to find your faith, build it, solidify it and watch how quickly your success grows.

Which one of these are you ignoring right now? Which ones needs your attention? Choose one to start with and as you create a new habit, then add another one. The recipe for failure is trying to implement all of these at once! Not sure where to start? My suggestion is to always begin with Gratitude.

julie-128Julie Boyer’s mission in life is to inspire people to build their lives on a foundation of gratitude through her brand, Wake Up With Gratitude™. Julie’s first book, 30 Days of Gratitude, The Gratitude Program That Will Change Your Life, became an Amazon bestseller when it was released in May 2013. She is also the founder of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox Program, a healthy, whole food detox that nourishes your body at the cellular level. Julie also loves to mentor and develop leaders through her mentorship program as well. A former triathlete, Julie has completed 3 full Ironman Distance triathlons. Julie lives in Ontario, Canada with her 6 year old daughter and husband Dan. She can be reached on her blogInstagramTwitter and Facebook.



Oh, you guys. This seemingly simple 4-letter word can really throw me for a loop. It’s one of my favorite words, but also one of the most terrifying for me. Real means no bullshit, no filter, no nonsense. It’s all about truth, authenticity, and the courage to show up and be seen for exactly who we are while saying exactly what we think and feel. This makes me knees shake out of both excitement and fear.

We’ve all met those extraordinary humans who embody real—they radiate it. You know that when they speak, it’s their truth, and they’re fiercely unapologetic about it. But on the other hand, if they speak and it’s not aligned with their core values – they’re brave enough to admit it, take a step back, reflect, and put in the work to get back to their true north. They make it look easy and maybe for them, it is. But if you’re like me, it takes a lot more effort; it’s a conscious, every-minute-of-every-day kind of practice.

Me? I’m one of those people who, since I can remember, have always thought, “But what will they think?” before I say, do, and even think something. This makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to be myself when I’m always filtering and editing my every action; it doesn’t leave room for cultivating real connection. I’m always worrying about being all too much or not enough for others. Too loud, to passive. Too excited, too apathetic. Too serious, or too quirky. And when you’re playing the game, there’s no way to win except to be real, regardless of what that may look like to someone else.

But then there are those times that I’m free. I recognize that I’ll always be too much or too little for some people, but those who truly matter to me will love me unconditionally for all parts of me, the good, the bad, and everything in between. When I’m in this space, I operate uninhibited and devoid of worries about what someone else might say or think, and it feels so damn good. I’m present to the moment unfolding before me and I have the confidence to be playful, silly, vulnerable, and brave all while speaking my truth. I’m 100% me. I’m real.

The secret? A whole lot of self-love and keeping this mantra at the forefront of my thoughts:

“You will always be too much of something for someone: too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you’ll lose your edge. Apologize for mistakes. Apologize for unintentionally hurting someone – profusely. But don’t apologize for being who you are.” – Danielle LaPorte

To hold myself accountable, I make a conscious, daily effort to pause and reflect whenever I catch myself thinking “But what will they think?” This means taking a huge step back, pulling out my notebook and putting pen to paper. This helps me to name what it is I’m feeling while getting to the root of the insecurity, and then coming to a resolution that can bring me back to myself.

We will always be too much or too little for some people. Those people? They’re not our people.

With love, light, and big-belly-laughter always,

jenna-19Jenna is a yoga teacher, writer, and brand builder on a mission to fuel her life withurpose and to explore the world. She was raised in Minnesota but considers Colorado her home away from home. Currently, you can find her in Minneapolis, where she is creating the life she has always dreamed of.

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What is Your Spirit Animal Saying to You?

It is a widely known school of thought that we can have ‘Guides’, Conscious Energies or Subtle Beings around us, that lovingly come to us to serve as mediaries through various periods of time in our life, or even over the course of our entire life time.

Guides have different purposes. For example, Guides can be Protectors or Guardians, Healers, Teachers, Messengers, and so on. They come to our aid with the purpose of steering us through a situation, assisting us with an obstacle or emotion that seems just too difficult to overcome on our own. It is perfectly normal to become overwhelmed; we have innumerable decisions that we must make on a daily basis, and countless responsibilities and expectations that we must meet, in all facets of our life: home, work, health, wealth, you name it. Sometimes, we just need an extra bit of involvement from an outside source, whether it be a friend, a colleague, or as I find the most immediate to intervene with help, the Divine and our Guides.

Guides are beings of Light, meaning they work in the mode of goodness. They can be in the form of Angels, Ancestors and past loved ones, Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses, and Elemental Guides, like fairies! We don’t always need to see them physically to know they are there. I used to become terribly frustrated when I would call out to a Guide and not ‘see’ any around me. I would use Angel card decks, or go out in nature and talk to nothing, hoping to receive a response. Then I learned that Seeing doesn’t necessarily mean they appear before us in the physical realm, in the form in which we expect. Have you ever noticed repeated patterns of numbers or objects, or heard a song come on at a precisely relevant moment, or experienced wonderful, timely synchronicities? These are ways your Guides are also communicating to you. That’s where strengthening your intuition, or your mind’s eye, comes into play. To be able to perceive these modes of communication as they happen, while awake or in dream state. Meditation certainly helps with this, and having an open ear and heart to trust that you are supported, that everything is unfolding exactly as it should, in this moment, for your Highest purpose.

I had a bizarre experience happen to me once where I was riding my bicycle (while simultaneously singing sacred chants, of course… typical Melinda style) down a sidewalk of a main city street, and two DEER appeared! There was a ravine below this street where they must have come from, but still, to be that close to cars and traffic without being afraid? They were literally trotting right beside me, as I rode and sang, keeping pace with me for quite some time. Like my companions. It was since that night that my curiosity peaked for another type of Guide: Spirit Animals.

So just as I mentioned before that Guides are present and communicate in alternate ways, the same can be said about the reoccurrence of a certain animal in our life, or in the reality of our dreams.

Yesterday I was discussing with a dear friend of mine how we came to know his Spirit Animal. His answer: he doesn’t have one, he has four. I really admire how attune he is to the behaviours and characteristics of animals. These beings really have so much to teach us. And bonus, they are surrounding us; therefore, they are tangible. Observing and interacting with animals has many benefits: it brings out our qualities of compassion and equality, for the deeper we look, we notice that Souls are within other forms of life outside our own. They remind us to play (our inner child needs to!) or be strong or forgiving, and they show us the capacity of unconditional love. Discovering your Spirit Animal is an excellent way to learn to respect nature more too.

Be open to your Spirit Animal’s appearance in your life. If not in nature, it could even be in poems, pictures, etc. A Spirit Animal will empower you. Be aware of the type of occurrences in which your Spirit Animal manifests itself, as that indicates what it is trying to tell you. Each Spirit Animal has strengths and weakness that are important for you to learn about, as they directly apply to your life. The more you know, the better you will come to understand yourself, and maybe even recognize something you need to improve or change in your life. Remember, our Guides are leading us in the right direction, which includes being the best versions of ourselves we can be.

There are many resources available to help you determine your Spirit Animal(s). Once you know which animal you strongly associate with, it is a beautiful practice to take time to show gratitude towards its presence and teachings in your life. Tiny Devotions offers 20 Spirit Animal bracelets to help you connect with your Spirit Animal, and its symbolic wisdom, on a daily basis.

I hope this blog leaves you feeling receptive to the supportive relationships surrounding you, and receiving help from all your Guides!

Feel free to share your Spirit Animal and any stories of how you connected with it below!



Melinda is an active pursuer of discovering the root of knowledge and the best methods that lead us on paths of discovering eternal happiness, rather than temporary. It has really been a calling of hers throughout her life to seek the oldest sources on any topic matter; spirituality, language, culture and history being of keen interest. While fulfilling her career as an Actress, Melinda actively has spent the past 5 years specifically searching and engaging herself in an abundant number of techniques from around the world for meditation, wellness and healing. She has come to find a beautiful harmony between music and Mantra Meditation, and her favourite activity is to play her harmonium instrument while singing in community Kirtans. Followed closely by her enjoyment for delicious love-infused Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free cuisine! Melinda’s mind set is one of determination and resilience for overcoming obstacles, especially out of the throttles of anxiety and depression and chronic digestive disorders. She hopes to share her story and the information she has accumulated over the years from her own, personal journey toward serving others to attain a happy and health mind, body and Spirit.

Melinda is a certified Reiki practitioner and is available for in-person or long distance healing sessions. If anyone is curious about any healing practices, feel free to reach out and Melinda is happy to guide you as best as she can.

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Gratitude is My Prayer

Prayer is an important tool in all of our lives. And it’s not used nearly as much as it could be. Do you have rituals in your day where you are giving thanks?

Expressing gratitude and giving thanks is a form of prayer. When we say thank you for what we already have, we are asking God or The Universe or a power that is greater than ourselves to give us even more to be thankful for. Writing in your gratitude journal is a form of prayer. Giving thanks before a meal is a prayer. Saying ‘thank you for this gift of another day’ when you wake up is a prayer. When we widen our scope about what prayer looks like, we may find many opportunities in our day when we are praying.

Having grown up without any formal prayers or spiritual practice, it wasn’t until my daughter was born that I started looking at my faith and spirituality. At first, my focus was only on gratitude as my prayer, which on its own can be very powerful! I manifested many wonderful things in my life using gratitude intentions. A gratitude intention is when you write something that you are grateful for, in the present tense, that you have yet to manifest in real life. You write the same intention in your journal, every day, until it becomes your reality.

My practice continues to grow today and currently includes a morning prayer ritual, meditation, gratitude before I eat and giving thanks in my gratitude journal every night.

You don’t have to be religious to benefit from the power of prayer. A prayer of gratitude can change your life. When you give thanks, do it from a place deep inside of you, right from your cells and create a beautiful vibration at the highest energetic frequency possible. Send out your message of thanks into the world and watch carefully what comes back to you. You will be amazed and surprised at the gifts that will show up.

What are you prayer practices? How can you use the incredible power of gratitude to fuel your prayers and connect you to a higher power?

julie-128Julie Boyer’s mission in life is to inspire people to build their lives on a foundation of gratitude through her brand, Wake Up With Gratitude™. Julie’s first book, 30 Days of Gratitude, The Gratitude Program That Will Change Your Life, became an Amazon bestseller when it was released in May 2013. She is also the founder of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox Program, a healthy, whole food detox that nourishes your body at the cellular level. Julie also loves to mentor and develop leaders through her mentorship program as well. A former triathlete, Julie has completed 3 full Ironman Distance triathlons. Julie lives in Ontario, Canada with her 6 year old daughter and husband Dan. She can be reached on her blogInstagramTwitter and Facebook.


Why Appreciate the Body?

In yoga, the self-reflective question “Who am I?” is often posed as an invocation of personal meditation, or deep contemplation, on the critical query of discovering one’s true Self. It is an invitation for each of us to reflect, in detail, the meaning behind the “I” that we so strongly identify and associate with. Or rather, have mistakenly been conditioned to believe is who we are.

How difficult can it be to answer this 3-worded question?

I am… my name. Am I not?
I am… my nationality; a patriotic representation of my country. Am I not?

I am… this human being that you see and that I, too, see reflected in photographs and the mirror; I am the unique composition of my physical features. I am this body. Am I not?

I am… the voice behind my thoughts; a combination of my intellect, opinions, beliefs, and personality. I, therefore, am my mind. Am I not?

One must not be fooled with the simple sounding nature of this question by responding so simply when recognizing and acknowledging our Self. Then how to begin answering this undoubtedly vital and personally intricate topic?

It is important for one to first differentiate and shed light on this pivotal misconception: You are not this body, you are not the mind. I myself, was not told this differentiation so plainly and clearly until I was sitting in a Vedic philosophy class in Toronto, in 2013 – and how I wish I knew this sooner! Well, I believe as I child I knew, but then as we age we often forget our inherent disposition. But if we are neither the body or mind, who are we? Who am I within the body? And here begins the journey of discovering ourselves as a Spirit Soul.

A Yogic Perspective

Yoga values the science of self-realization. Literally, to bring awareness to one’s Self. In the West, physical yoga is very popular… you may even do it yourself. Did you know that this physical (or Hatha) Yoga is meant to prepare us for long periods of meditation? To use our bodies as a tool to engage in transcendental meditative practice, for self-realization. There are many beautiful ways in which the body can aid us in discovering who we really are. This leads me to what I wished to share today, as it is something I have had a hard time understanding over the course of my own life time: how to view the body as an instrument in facilitating Spiritual growth. But how do we acknowledge we are not the body, yet not consequentially be frustrated with it for ‘containing’ us, this Spirit Soul? I, myself, for many years felt trapped inside my body, angry for feeling limited within it. I quite literally picked my skin as a form of expressing this negative view of my skin encasing me. Of course, only furthering hyper body awareness, which many people experience.

Changing Pain to Appreciation

How to switch my perspective, while remaining respectful to the truth and science of yogic wisdom? That we are Spirit that is not born nor doesn’t die with our bodies. This is what I concluded. The body houses the Soul, gives it opportunity to experience this life and LIVE. Our one of a kind, beautiful body is the physical, material manifestation of our unique Soul. Therefore, our bodies truly are a temple of God (whoever God/Source may be to you).

Appreciating the body, yet not identifying with it, takes practice and patience. It is interesting to observe and feel how we are so closely bound to our attachments, especially regarding the body. As a young girl who was taught from others’ comments to hate her body, I can personally state from experience that revering my body as a ‘temple of God’ was not my idea of fun. Though the perspective of this ancient knowledge has undoubtedly been a source of liberation from the chains I once felt were comprised of this skin.

Celebrating the Body

Let’s talk about meditation-specific ways to appreciate the body. There are countless customs in a myriad of various cultures for how we can adorn and celebrate who we are, where we came from, through using our bodies to glorify our true and authentic selves within. For example, a devotee of Lord Krishna decorates the body with tilaka (sandalwood paste), as a reminder of Krishna, as well as to receive protection from the Lord. For us in the West who are inundated with societal pressures and expectations: instead of causing harm and destruction to the body (guilty), sabotaging it – even if that’s simply by comparing it to others or the initially innocent habit of emotional eating, etc. (again, guilty), or despising it for it not working properly for us as a result of injury or the inescapable course of aging… here is what we CAN do. We can respect and care for it as a residence of God. The Soul lives within the body, as well as the Paramatma, what is translated from Sanskrit to be called the ‘Supersoul’.

The 5 Senses

In addition, we can also employ the different senses our body already has for spiritual advancement. The tongue, for instance, can be used to chant or do mantra meditation, performed on mala beads. Tiny Devotions carries a beautiful variety of mala beads with semi-precious gemstones, created with the highest intentions of healing and peace. Wearing mala beads on your body is a useful and positively helpful method because, of course, you regularly see the mala on yourself, thus it cues you to stop and take time throughout your day to meditate and quiet the mind. They act as a great self-reminder and guide in this way, so that no matter what stress may be accumulating in your day, you can quickly and easily access the mala that is adorning your body – engage the sense of touch, connect with its strength and intrinsic potency – and dive inward. Expanding further with the senses: the nose can smell beautiful incense or candles or essential oils; we can hear scriptures or classes from learned, enlightened beings/Gurus/monks, and so on. I hope these ideas expand your current concepts and make room for new, simple and highly effective techniques you can try out and adopt into your daily life. After all, we are creatures of habit!

We All Seek Connection

To conclude, let us not forget that the word “yoga” means ‘union’, or to ‘connect’. I encourage you to remember as often as you consciously can, that in order to connect our Spirit Souls to that which created us, we must be in union with the manifestations of our Spirit Soul, including our beloved bodies. Our bodies are unique and sacred. Let us set some goals to implement into our personal practice as well as mindfully throughout our days as best as we can from here on, toward treating our bodies as our own best friend and have them assist us, versus deter us, from our inherent disposition of being happy, kind, and free Spirits. I wish this helps you view your body in a mode of goodness, with love and self-respect. You deserve it!

Namaste, With love and light,

MM0602Melinda Michael is an active pursuer of discovering the root of knowledge and the best methods that lead us on paths of discovering eternal happiness (not temporary). It has really been a calling of hers throughout her life to seek the oldest sources on any topic matter, though spirituality, religion, language, culture and history have been of keen interest. She has spent the past 5 years specifically searching and engaging herself in an abundant number of techniques from around the world for meditation (listed below). She has come to find a beautiful harmony between music and meditation, and her favourite activity is playing her harmonium while singing in group Kirtans. Melinda’s mindset is one of determination and resilience for overcoming obstacles, especially out of the throttles of anxiety and depression and chronic digestive disorders. She hopes to share her story and the information she has accumulated over the years from her own, personal journey toward serving others to attain a happy and health mind, body and Spirit.

If anyone is curious about any of the following practices, feel free to reach out. Melinda is happy to guide you as best as she can.

  • Reiki – Melinda is a certified Reiki practitioner and is available for in-person or long distance healing sessions.
  • Mantra Meditation or Chanting
  • Musical Meditation (Kirtan)
  • Vegan, Gluten-free, Soy-free Nutrition
  • Manifestation
  • Brainwave Optimization
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy, or “Tapping”)
  • NDT (New Decision Therapy)
  • TMS (Trans Magnetic Stimulation)
  • CBT (Cognitive Beahvior Therapy)
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
  • NES Health
  • Mindfulness
  • Psychodrama
  • Bach flower remedies
  • Osteopathy
  • Acupuncture
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • More Meditation Methods, like: The Lester Levenson Love Technique, theHeadless Way by Richard Lang, Direct Inquiry, Noting Meditation, and Group Awareness

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Day 14/14 of Self Love :: Buy Yourself Flowers

Flowers are a symbol of love and appreciation. You may have been gifted a beautiful bouquet when you graduated, or had a baby, or moved into a new house. They might have been anniversary flowers, apology flowers, or it-was-nice-to-meet-you flowers.

The key to the power of flowers is what they celebrate and how they make you feel. You know you were beaming when your hubby had flowers delivered to your desk at work, and you know the joy you feel when you smell peonies. Flowers are associated with being loved, cherished and celebrated.

The biggest misconception about flowers is thinking they have to come from someone else. Thinking that you need a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day to buy you two dozen long-stem roses, or you that need your friends to bring flowers to celebrate your housewarming or new addition to the family.

If you’re looking for permission, here it is: buy flowers just to celebrate you. Praise yourself, reward yourself, and give yourself a damn break, girl.

Allow your appreciation to bloom – because you are loved. By others, and, most importantly, by yourself. It’s okay, no, it’s necessary to treat yourself sometimes. If you need a reminder that you are awesome, that you are loved, and you are worth celebrating, buy yourself some flowers, put them somewhere you’ll see them every day, and remember that those good vibes were sent to you from you xx


Day 13/14 of Self Love :: A Rebellious Act of Self-Love

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Comparison can be corrosive. It can eat away at your self-confidence and self-love. There will always be someone smarter, prettier, thinner, richer, more successful, more flexible, more loved, less bossy, less afraid. Compared to them, how can you measure up? The prevalence of social media in our daily lives makes the comparison game even harder to escape.

Consider a radical act of rebellious self-love: stop comparing. Yes, she has a six pack and a Lamborghini. Yes, he has 400,000,000 instagram followers and a published book. This information does not change you, shape you, or need to have an effect on how you feel.

There are two sides to this way of thinking: you don’t need to let other people’s accomplishments dim the light of yours, and also, that while a six pack and publishing deal may be nice, you are only seeing this person’s highlight reel. You never know the difficulties that these perfect people are dealing with. They might even be similar to challenges you are facing.

What books would you write, artworks would you paint, songs would you sing if you don’t compare yourself to the talents of history? What beautiful parts of life are you missing out on when you hold yourself back?

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.



Day 12/14 of Self Love :: Forgiveness

“Forgiveness is not about letting someone off the hook for their actions, but freeing ourselves of the negative energies that bind us to them.” – Satsuki Shibuya

Every one of us is owed some form of apology that we will never get. Many times, the people who have hurt us or failed us have no idea the pain they caused. Other times, the pain and hurt were intentional and the wounds are raw.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to realize that forgiveness does not depend on the person that hurt you – forgiveness depends on you. One of the most important self-loving acts that you can do is to forgive those who have hurt you – and forgive yourself.

When you make the choice to forgive, you can release pent-up bitterness, stress, anger and sadness. You decide to make peace with what has happened, and you move forward in the knowledge that you deserve peace. You deserve loving energy to fill the space of past hurts.

Think kind thoughts, and show yourself some compassion. When you go over scenarios and conversations in your mind that, change your inner dialogue. Instead of thinking, “why did you say that?! He’ll never love you now, look what you’ve done.” Think about what you would tell your best friend, if she was the one telling the story. “You were really hurt and angry. You didn’t know a healthy way to approach the conversation, so you did the best you could. You’re human; everyone makes mistakes.”

Be gentle with others and with yourself – we are all on our own journey.


Day 11/14 of Self Love :: 5 Tips for Deeper Sleep

While carving out an extra few hours for sleep each night might seem like a daunting task – if you feel that getting more sleep will help you be the best version of yourself, check out these 5 tips below. We can’t always have 12 hours a night to rest – but we can maximize the time we have by sinking into a deeper, more restful sleep each night.

1. Set – and follow – a bedtime routine

Train your body and mind to unwind with a relaxing wind-down routine. Whether this is a 2 hour total body relaxation experience, or a 20 minutes you take, the importance of making rest a priority will permeate into the rest of your life.

Bedtime routine ideas:

    1. Steep a cup of chamomile tea
    2. Write it down – jot a list of pressing to-dos for the next day (so your mind doesn’t have to keep racing over them all night)
    3. Take 10 minutes for a restorative yoga flow
    4. Connect to and honour your body for getting you through a day with self-massage

2. Turn the Lights Down Low

The blue light from your laptop + smartphone has been known to mess with your sleep! Staring at this type of light for prolonged periods suppresses your body’s ability to make melatonin – which helps you sleep. Make your bedroom a tech-free zone for at least two hours before you need to be sleeping.

3. Sleep + Wake up at the same time each day

Consistency is key! This may be the hardest change to make. If you live for long slow sleep-ins on the weekend, or if bursts of creative energy keep you up all night – you are not prepping for deep sleep. The best way to teach your body to fall into a deep sleep each night is to train it when to fall asleep, and when to wake up.

4. Meditate

Studies show that people who meditate for an average of 20 minutes a day experience greater improvements in sleep quality, less insomnia and less fatigue than those who don’t.

5. Turn down the thermostat

Science says that sleeping in a cooler room can help you sleep! Our body temperatures rise and fall naturally throughout the day – but tend to be lowest when are bodies are in a state of deep sleep. Recreating this environment by ensuring your bedroom is cool can help your body get to that lower temperature faster, helping you sleep deeper!



Cosmic_Art - Emergence by Belinda Pearl - web

The Inspiration of Change

Did you know that in life, we are offered a new beginning in every moment? In order, to live in this realization we need to review our perception of life. Let me take you on a journey into the intriguing inspiration of seeing every opportunity as a new beginning that will forever set you free.

The minute you look up from what you are doing, time has changed. In the blink of the eye! Time has changed! Can you imagine every new moment as a new beginning?

In every new moment we start a new beginning where we are presented with a whole new moment into which we can intentionally choose the direction of our actions, thoughts, words and intentions.

If you choose the mindset of seeing every moment as a fresh new beginning, an opportunity arises to move from what was to what is now. In every moment, you have the precise opportunity to renew your outlook on life, opting in for a brand new perspective filled with joyful opportunities.

How we see life is based on our perceptions. So if we can choose to see the newness in every moment – we give our Self the gift of beginning afresh in that instance. This leads the way for us to choose new actions, thoughts, words, and intentions; in an instance. When life brings us lemons we have that moment to choose how we wish to proceed. We can see the lemons as an opportunity to refine our skills, and squeeze our self a fresh glass of perception.

Let us now, take this moment to take in a deep breath – from this moment we choose to still time into the moment of the breath. Space is created within the mind, allowing us to clear the mind just for that moment, and to be in that moment to clearly perceive the unfolding new beginning.

Now, I ask you today: if you could choose to see each moment of the day as an opportunity let go of what was, and stand at the door of new beginnings; would it not excite you to see each new day with a refreshing outlook. Each brand new day stands before you with 86,400 seconds of opportunities to start anew.

Everyday we are presented with opportunities to begin afresh and literally set the clock back. Our perceptions of time and space sometimes stand in the way of how we can let go of the past. Instead step forth into the moment, seek the chance to free our self from the boundaries of our conditioning.

So, give yourself this gift of seeing the World afresh offering you many opportunities to move forward into the moment with powerful intentions. Every moment provides you that chance to clearly redefine your future.

Now, let us take a moment to anchor in the energies of new beginnings in every moment so, that you may emerge into a brand new self with a fresh new perspective and perception on life:

  1. Take a moment to pause, breathe and step back so, you can get a clear picture of where you are, and where you wish to go.
  2. We are truly powerful beings, give yourself this moment to see yourself as a bright beautiful being of Light completely connected and supported by the Universe.  
  3. Visualization is a powerful tool to help us step more gracefully forward into the World. Let us create for a moment to visualize: See yourself as that Infinite Light Being, literally glowing brilliant wherever you are sitting. Now see the World as your playground, a playground where you are the author to create any story you wish. So, now I invite you to create a story where you see the World around you responding to your every wish.

Let us celebrate in all our new beginnings.

Light, Love + New Beginnings,

Belinda Pearl

Step forward into change by booking a Soul Session with Belinda Pearl today!


Day 10/14 of Self Love :: Make Time for “Me-Time”

When I think about “me-time,” I tend to think about face masks, bathrobes and fluffy slippers. I also tend to think, I’ll do that on the weekend, I don’t have time, I need to make dinner, I need to walk the dog…

Do you see what got lost there? ME. Activities that make me feel good and recharge my batteries, seem to slip to the bottom of the priorities list.

Time for a mindset shift: me-time can come in different forms and doses. Reality check: you are not doing as good a job of taking care of others as think – if you are always at the bottom of your own to-do list.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. To truly give the best version of yourself to others, you have to come from a place of health, of nourishment, and of care – for yourself.

The key to making “me-time” count, and making sure that you are feeling the benefits of self-care, is intention. The way you look at things can make all the difference.

Me time can be the extra 2 minutes you spend in your morning shower, when you are intentionally taking that time to relax, to feel the heat of the water, to mentally prepare for your day.

Me time can be your drive home from work, when you pop in an audio book that really challenges and engages you towards your highest self.

Me time can be anywhere and everywhere, as long as you are putting yourself first. Check in with yourself, with your body, with your mind. What do you need? And what are you going to do today that will serve your needs? Self-care isn’t optional, it’s necessary.





Day 9/14 of Self Love :: Giving Back

When we are really struggling to accept and love ourselves as we are, it may seem counter-intuitive to think about giving back to others.

In fact, when we are most depleted, giving to others can be a great way to reinvigorate ourselves, put things in our life into perspective, and start to feel good about the good that we can bring to the world.

Volunteering can be a form of Self-Love:

  • It gives a sense of purpose – you are helping a community and making a difference for someone other than yourself. You can become part of a bigger cause and do something that really matters.
  • It takes the focus away from yourself – keeping busy serving others can distract your mind from the cycle of negative thoughts

It makes you feel good – volunteering your time or donating to a good cause can be very rewarding. While we aren’t in it for the accolades, there is something to be said for the boost of joy you get when you know that you are helping, and making a difference for the better.


Day 8/14 of Self Love :: Declutter Your Space

Imagine yourself waking up to your most ideal morning routine. In this fantasy, you wake well-rested and have all the time in the world. You decide to put off answering emails and checking your social media accounts. Instead, you choose to dive into a deep, slow meditation for 10 minutes. When you rise, you reach for a glass of water with fresh lemon, and step into a long, hot shower. As you step out of the steam, grabbing a fresh, fluffy towel, you look at yourself in the mirror and know that today is going to be awesome.

Now take a moment to reflect on what your mornings really look like. When you wake to your alarm blaring you are instantly aware of the sleep you didn’t get, and the time you don’t have, and so the feelings of stress and rush come flooding back in. You lay in bed scrolling instagram for a few too many minutes. You peer over the edge of your bed to the pile of laundry you left on your chair last night and wonder what you’ll be able to find that’s clean and wearable.

You take a quick, lukewarm shower and step out of tub. You reach for your towel, and notice that it’s still where you left it yesterday, in a damp puddle in the corner of your bathroom. You brave the freezing cold to rush to the linen closet – you didn’t get your laundry done but a face cloth will have to do. As you re-enter the bathroom, you look in your mirror and get ready to face the day. Only, your toothpaste cap is missing, your makeup is in a bottomless bag and you can’t find your hairbrush.

We all know how wonderful it feels to come back from a weekend away, or to wake up after a night out and feel the energy of a spotless and clutter free home. We know that cleaning and tidying makes us feel good, and we know how it can affect our mood to be in a serene and contemplative space. What you may not have thought about are the negative consequences when you haven’t made time to tidy, clean and organize.

Waking up and coming home to a messy space can become a metaphor for brain fog and overwhelm that we carry with us throughout our lives.

Prioritize your mental space – take some time to declutter today, and imagine how good you will feel tomorrow morning. xx


Day 7/14 of Self Love :: Indulge in Your Favorite Creative Pursuits

One of our favourite ways to get out of a rut and to re-energize our self-care practice is to make time to do something creative. Creativity means lots of different things to different people and can be quick and simple, deep and meditative, or really messy.

When you set aside time to free yourself from thoughts of stresses, pressures, deadlines, shoulds, and can’ts, you can tap into a freeing space, without limitations and without expectations.

Taking the time to indulge your creative side, whether you consciously realize it or not, has a great impact on your mental state, your confidence, and your ability to react to chaos and challenge in your life.

Learning to be creative without judging the quality of the output is a powerful way to flex your self-acceptance muscles. Learning to view the art you make, the words you write or the cookies you bake as a process of release, instead of a destination, can make all the difference. It’s about the journey – and you can always start over.

Creativity has many lessons to teach you, whenever you’re ready. Give your subconscious mind the chance to reach the surface – you never know what will come from it. Even if nothing does, you will learn something about yourself in the process of opening up, and letting it all out. xx