Clear Quartz Meditation Ring

64.00Clear Quartz Meditation Ring

 In today’s busy world of constant emails, breakfast meetings, networking, and family responsibilities, it can be next to impossible to carve out time to connect with yourself. Meditation, even just 5 minutes a day, can provide so many benefits to your physical, emotional and spiritual health. 

Taking the time to pause, be still and connect with your inner knowledge is the key to finding your outer strength. 

This ring features 9 spinning clear quartz gems. It can be used it as a tool to count your mantras during japa meditation by running your fingers over each gem 12 times.  Even just one cycle of 9 can drastically improve your focus, concentration and ability to process information. 


14k Rose Gold Dipped Brass with adjustable open backing. 
Fits ring sizes 6 – 11.