It’s Full Moon! Let’s create space

This Full Moon takes place on August 18, 2016 at 2:27am PST, 5:27am EST.


“[The Aquarius Full Moon] is a lunar peak to revive your Leo light, the natural confidence that pulses from within. To get there, we take a risk (Leo’s forte) to let go of past insults and injuries to our self-image.  To risk shining again, and this is supported by the higher vision of Aquarius, to put it all in perspective” says Molly Hall from

Here she shares 5 simple rituals to celebrate the Aquarius Full Moon…

  • Sit with a lit candle or near a fire (when safe) at sunset, a powerful time as the Sun (Leo) gives way to the Full Moon (Aquarius).
  • Spend time recalling what’s made you hide your light, the shaming moments or falling short of your own standards. Click on the image below to print + write what’s in your heart on paper. The most important step comes next…


  • Purify and release what’s stuck by lighting your paper, and watch it rise as it becomes feathery light, and dissolves….”

Molly recommends  “A river or other body of water is a fine place to take a moment for meaningful ritual… Aquarius currents break things wide open, and jar us awake to the possibilities.  But there can be fixed ideas to overcome, that keep us ‘playing small.”

  • Throw a river stone into the water, and watch the ripple of energy.  Now imagine what you radiate out (Leo Sun) and the ripple effect it has in the world.
  • Invite guidance to align your heart’s natural passions(Leo) with a need of humanity in its time of crisis.

“This isn’t an ‘easy’ Moon” acknowledges Sarah Varcas of, “but it is a liberating one for sure, with gifts galore for all who commit to seeing life through fresh eyes, not allowing the tyranny of a ‘tried and tested’ past to jeopardize a creative and fulfilling future.”

She reminds us that “The changes approaching now require bold commitment and creative courage which seeks new solutions to old problems and dares to challenge the very foundation of our life”

But rest assured Brave Soul Searcher! There are new perspectives just waiting to be seen, something we simply haven’t perceived about our situation which can revolutionize the path ahead.


Shed your fears, anger and self criticism, and make room for new intentions + a more positive outlook. Now is the time to eliminate anything that isn’t assisting in the manifestation of your dreams + smudge your heart out!

  • What are the things that are no longer supporting your journey?
  • What is making your soul smile?
  • Is what you are doing powered by intention and leading you in the right direction on your path?


Choose a space with spiritual significance to you. This might be a small quiet space with some of your favourite gemstones or adornments. For the Full Moon you may want this space to be outside. To clear unwanted energy, protect the space + prepare for setting fresh intentions, you’ll want to use Sage + Palo Santo from a Clearing Kit.

This Clearing Kit combines the essential tools for your Full Moon Ritual.

  •  Palo Santo Sticks: This aromatic and healing wood has been used by Shamans for thousands of years for its sacred, medicinal and mystical properties. Harvested naturally from the Palo Santo tree, its soothing aroma has hints of citrus and frankincense. It’s said to raise your vibration in preparation for meditation + allow for a deeper connection to your Higher Self, enhancing creativity + abundance. Use it to cleanse your space + purify your intentions.
  • Signature Smudge Stick: Smudge your heart out! This Mini Mountain Lavender sage stick will cleanse your aura + clear your space to provide protection, clarity + healing. Perfect for intention setting ceremonies and to purify the air of negative energies. Sustainably wildcrafted by Native Americans.


Use the gemstones for meditation, crystal grids, altars, to make elixirs, carry them in your pocket or store them by your bed. Each Clearing Kit includes 3 Palo Santo Sticks, 1 Signature Smudge Stick + 4 Tumbled Gemstones. The Release + Renew Clearing Kit is ideal for the Full Moon.


Release + Renew Kit Gemstones: Amethyst for Spirituality, Amazonite for Peace + Calm, Moonstone for Dreams, Smokey Quartz for Protection.

Happy releasing + happy manifesting!