Limitless Amplifiers

27.00Limitless Amplifiers

Customize your Limitless Mala by choosing the Guru that amplifies your spiritual aspirations. Meditate on your ultimate purpose, and focus all your energy on creating space for it in your life. 

Mix + Match: Choose individually or bundle all 3 to save!

The Obsidian Karma Amplifier magnifies the healing properties of obsidian to help you balance your karmic energy. Obsidian is believed to aid in moving on. It is a protective stone that is thought to guide you on a spiritual journey from the past into the present, and to support you as you let go of the past and move forward into your future with confidence and optimism. Choose this amplifier to gain clarity on lessons you have learned, and take action for future growth.

Stone Type | Removable Faceted Nugget | Approx. 1 Inch Length

The Rainbow Clear Quartz Soul Amplifier magnifies the properties of Rainbow Clear Quartz to help you realize your full potential. Rainbow Clear Quartz is believed to stimulate your awareness of universal love, connecting you to the earth and to the souls that you share it with. It is also believed to shield against negativity, and disperse healing energy throughout the body.

Stone Type | Removable Faceted Nugget | Approx. 1 Inch Length

The Nirvana Tassel is symbolic of a lotus blossom, and represents enlightenment. As the many strands come together into one knot, it creates a symbolism of our connection to the Divine and to each other. All beings in this universe are linked, and we can gain strength and community from honoring this connection.

Removable Silk Tassel | Approx. 2 1/4 Inch Length 

*Limitless Mala Necklace not included*