Mermaid Mala

84.00Mermaid Mala

Now available for pre-order. This mala will be shipping out on Monday July 16th

The Mermaid Mala’s intention is to assist one in their alluring qualities – who doesn’t like a little mystery? 

Lavender Amethyst is a powerful stone known to have strong cleansing and healing powers. It vibrates a beautiful energy and is known to help cultivate tranquility.

Mystic Quartz is a powerful stone used in energetic healing. It is believed to be capable of providing a cleansing, balancing, and energizing aura. I

Amazonite is known to create a sense of calm and trust within yourself. Peace descends over you and revelations of the mysterious truth to become yours.

Rudraksha Seeds are known for their protective and healing elements. They are believed to guide spiritual journeys. Rudraksha is known to increase abundance and prosperity.

Amazonite | Lavender Amethyst | Matte Rock Crystal 

Hang Length | 17.5 inches