Conquer Negative Energy: Smudging 101

The ritual of burning sacred herbs in a smudging ceremony is believed to cleanse spaces and clear negative energy from people, places and things.

Smudging calls on the spirits of the sacred plants to drive away negative energies and put you back into a state of balance, peace and harmony

Smudging is often done when moving into or out of a new home or work space, after someone moves out, or after an argument that left tension in the air. 

To clear out negative energies and to embrace the energy of new beginnings, perform your own smudging ceremony.

Smudging Ceremony

☾  Center yourself. Set your intention for your smudging ritual: I will drive away all negativity from my energy and purify my space

☾  Holding your smudge or Palo Santo stick in one hand, light it until it flames. Gently blow on the smudge down to an ember, creating smoke that will waft around the room

☾  Take some smoke in your free hand and bring it over your heart, holding your intention to clear energy.

☾  Using your hand, a fan, or a feather, push the smoke into the corners of the room, into closets, and in all the directions of the compass, wherever you feel the energy needs cleansing. Hold the intention of clearing the space and removing negativity as you move throughout the room.