Your Spirit Animal is Calling you


A spirit animal is a teacher that is with you on your journey. It is an overseer that provides you with guidance and protection. Do you know what your spirit animal is? If you aren’t sure, then trust your intuition. If you are drawn to a specific animal, its likely for a sacred reason. The symbolism of the animal thats calling you will hold a meaningful message for you.

Discovering your spirit animal’s message

If you’re drawn to the giraffe, your message is:

Be honest with yourself. Set your sights on a clear intention and move towards it with grace.



If you find the flamingo beautiful, your message is:

It’s important to immerse yourself in what lights you up, but don’t forget to find balance.



If you feel a connection to the hummingbird, your message is:

It’s okay to slow down and take a rest. You will always be abundantly provided for.



If you find the fox alluring, your message is:

Set clear goals and be aware of whats happening around you.




The giraffe, flamingo, hummingbird, and fox are in the spotlight today as they are the new editions to our spirit animal collection. If you’re still searching for your guide, click here to view the entire collection.