Survey Says… Time for some changes!

We have to be super honest with you right now,  we were at a point a few weeks ago where we were ready to #burnitdown, because we felt so disconnected from the people we are trying to serve. We knew we had to find a way to strengthen that connection, and for lack of a better word, get back on track.  We landed on the decision to offer a survey, so we could learn directly from our community just exactly what our biggest hits and misses are.

For us, one of the best parts about hosting a survey is the honest responses we get from our customers.  Generally, people love helping people, especially people they care about.  And we are blessed to have a community that truly cares about us, and wants to see us grow and succeed.

We've dropped our prices on our classic Mala Beads and Mala Bracelets by 20% . Why? This #repost from @jessjcarlson explained it better than we could… . "Guys, when a company does something AMAZING and really LISTENS to their community and customers, we need to acknowledge and share that. It’s SO RARE these days and I really want to send some GRATITUDE to one of my favorite brands, Tiny Devotions, for listening! Tiny Devotions makes mala beads, devotional jewelry, and (in the past) spiritual lifestyle products. If you saw my post about the mala I was wearing a few days ago, that came from them. As did all the ones you see here in this pic. I love their stuff, their brand, their vibe…all of it. Like many companies do, TD sent out a customer survey looking for community feedback. Usually I don’t bother with these because I’ve almost never seen noticeable changes by a brand after a survey. But I had some stuff that I wanted to say to them, and since I LOVE their stuff and have been a customer for 5+ years. As much as I love them I haven’t bought from them in close to a year because their prices were going up. It would also be great to see more diversity in their products and marketing. I’d like to see everyday people wearing and using their stuff in real life rather than it always being a clearly staged photoshoot with your typical blond chick in yoga or boho gear. But I get it, that’s their brand but I know for a fact their customers are more diverse than that. Friday TD sent out an email acknowledging the responses they were getting and announcing an immediate lowering of their prices by 20%! So THANK YOU to the amazing team at Tiny Devotions for listening and taking immediate action toward change. I have always recommended them and I will continue to do so, especially now seeing how much they are listening to those of us that support them with our wallets" . 📸 and sentiments by @jessjcarlson . Click the #linkinbio to see the new prices

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We were beyond excited to learn that you think we have the highest quality malas on the market, as well as the best customer service.  Those are two things that are incredibly important to us, and we make no sacrifices on either, so it’s been really gratifying to see that we’re hitting the mark  

That said… you (pretty much all of you) let us know that we need to do wayyyyyy better on price. So, we dug deep as a team, had “all hands on deck” meetings and took a serious look at our operations and our processes. We’ve made a ton of changes internally that will allow us to provide our community with our devotional jewelry at a MUCH lower cost.

We are dropping our prices on our classic malas by 20%.

We promise this reduction will NOT be reflected in a drop in the quality of the products that you know and love.

We’ve also been hustling hard to design some new malas that reflect the intentions and aesthetics you’ve been looking for.  Our needs as humans are diverse, but we want to make sure we are offering a range of products that are going to service the needs of everyone in our community.  You can click here to take a look at here at our new items, and their new pricing structure

We’re so thankful to everyone who took a few minutes to help us out. We are always inspired by the honesty, strength and integrity of our #tdtribe.  We’re working to implement the changes you want to see as quickly as we can.