White Jade Highest Potential Mala

84.00White Jade Highest Potential Mala

This beautiful stone combo has the intention to balance yin-yang and help its wearer reach their highest potential, nailing that dream job, winning a Grammy or snagging that sweet outfit.

White Jade encourages focus and brings concentration back on to those things that truly matter in life. It improves your bond with your set intentions and aids in filtering our unwanted distractions. 

Rhodonite is known as an emotional balancer that nurtures love and activates the heart and the heart chakra. When those late night girl talks can’t get you over that somebody and moving on has become nearly impossible, this stone helps with the healing process by boosting self-confidence and lending a supportive energy to the soul during it all.

Black Onyx is said to absorb whatever energy you need from the universe while defending against negativity.

This dynamic trio is a perfect balance to achieve all possibilities.

Length | 37.5 Inches 

Stone Type | Faceted Pear